Naomi's Steamy Instagram Post Will Make You Wish Summer Wasn't Almost Over

Naomi recently lost her SmackDown Live Women's Championship, but that hasn't stopped her from enjoying the final days of summer on Instagram!

Summer officially ends on Sept. 22, 2017, but that hasn't stopped our favorite WWE Superstars from enjoying the last bit of the season before we escape the cold by wearing scarfs, drinking warm pumpkin spiced beverages, and staying inside to watch Netflix. Naomi is no exception, and her recent Instagram post makes us wish we had a little more time to enjoy some summer fun.

She posted a series of photos on Instagram—some with an interesting filter– that make us wish it was still July instead of September.

Getting my #glow on

A post shared by WWE Superstar NAOMI (@trinity_fatu) on

Naomi has been going hard over the past few months as the woman on SmackDown Live. Her "feel the glow" gimmick has really taken off since the brand split, and she enjoyed a pretty long run as the SmackDown Live Women's Championship. She's considered one of the most athletic Superstars on the roster, which puts her at an advantage over some of her competition. He unique skillset has always separated her from the pack, so it's nice to see her finally reach her potential as a top player in her division.


After losing her title to Natalya, and failing in her rematch, however, it's hard to say what's next for her. So it's probably best that she got some time to relax in the sun.

More recently, some fans spotted her with Summer Rae, and they stopped to snap a photo.

A vibe💙

A post shared by WWE Superstar NAOMI (@trinity_fatu) on


While we're excited to see what's next for the former SmackDown Live Women's Champion, we're happy she found some time to relax. The WWE schedule is known to be grueling, causing many to burn out fast. Hopefully, she's recharged and ready to go as the days get shorter and colder.

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Naomi's Steamy Instagram Post Will Make You Wish Summer Wasn't Almost Over