Natalya Addresses Groping Zack Ryder Live On Raw

SmackDown Live's Superstars invaded Raw this past Monday night at the end of the show and the locker room wasn't the only thing under siege.

The Superstars of SmackDown Live sent a very clear message to their Raw counterparts this week. Led by their commissioner Shane McMahon, much of the blue brand invaded WWE's flagship show and took no prisoners as they stormed the backstage area of the arena, punishing anybody they could get their hands on.

Fans have been very split over whether the whole angle is a good idea. The main criticism of the angle is the faces and heels of the same brand teaming together for very little reason at all. Brand supremacy is what they're ultimately battling for, but why would heels care about that? SmackDown Women's Champion Natalya was one of the perpetrators on Monday night, but the Raw women weren't the only things she managed to get a hold of.


There has been a still of some footage doing the rounds on social media of Nattie grabbing something she really shouldn't have. The Queen of Harts reaches backward and inadvertently gets a handful fellow SmackDown Live Superstar Zack Ryder's crotch. The calmer half of The Hype Bros naturally looks pretty shocked and the confused look on Nattie's face just makes the whole situation even more amusing.

Clearly, the buzz about the incident has been so much that on Thursday Natalya was forced to address the situation. The champ tweeted Ryder apologizing, admitted that it wasn't intentional, and also added that everyone should "settle their tea kettles." Ryder simply replied with a pair of emoji eyes.


It was an awkward situation for Nattie and Ryder, but something completely accidental that could have happened to anybody. Unfortunately for the pair involved, it was caught live on television and has unsurprisingly been picked apart and turned into countless memes in the days that have followed. Natalya has been with fellow pro wrestler Tyson Kidd since they were children and Ryder has been on holiday in Jamaica with his girlfriend this week. Considering all of that, it's likely safe to say that no one outside of a few paranoid fans really thinks anything of Natalya's wandering hand.

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