One Of The Longest Women's Championship Droughts Comes To An End

Natalya defeated Naomi at SummerSlam to become SmackDown Live Women's Champion and win her first title in six years.

Natalya and Naomi went head to head on Sunday night as they did battle for the SmackDown Live Women's Championship. Compared to the Raw women's match it wasn't too glamorous on paper, but the long serving WWE pair silenced any doubters once they were in the ring. It was a terrific back and forth between two women that pre-date the revolution currently going on across all of WWE's brands, and it was Natalya who left Brooklyn with the championship.

Both Natalya and Naomi seemingly did absolutely everything they could to put their opponent away, but it was Nattie's family sharp shooter that proved pivotal. The now SmackDown Live Women's Champion managed to synch it in for a second time on the leader of the Glow Movement, and it was that second time that proved fatal for Naomi.

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Despite Natalya being a part of WWE for longer than most of her fellow females, she has never technically been a Women's Champion. The last time Nattie held gold was long before the current women's title had been reinstated so had to settle for the Divas' Championship. It was the top women's prize at the time, however.



Naomi has already come back from losing the championship once to win it straight back, so even though she will now be owed a rematch it's unlikely that she will be winning it back and becoming a three-time champion. If their rematch is as good as SummerSlam's bout however not many fans will object to seeing it again. What Natalya and the WWE Universe will want to know now though is who awaits Nattie after she's done with Naomi in their rematch.

Whether Natalya holds the championship for a lengthy amount of time or not, and even though she's currently a heel, it's good to see her with a prestigious title that means something. She paid her dues in WWE and has likely helped most of the younger and newer women that she currently shares a locker room with. Nattie can also go with anyone, so whoever challenges her next we can rest assured that a solid match is in store.

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