Neville's Main Roster Concept Art Was Really Embarrassing [PHOTO]

Neville's original main roster outfit has been leaked, and it looked really bad.

Neville first made his WWE main roster debut on Raw in 2015 and he came out wearing purple and black shorts, purple and black boots and a cape, looking somewhat like a superhero. It turns out that WWE almost took Neville's outfit over the top.

Former WWE employee James McKenna, who's currently with Pro Wrestling Sheet, released a photo of what WWE initially wanted Neville to wear as a wrestler.

McKenna claims someone shot it down at the last minute, and he's pretty happy that happened. As you can see in the photo above, Neville would have been wearing a partial mask and an interesting looking outfit.

This must be the "Mighty Mouse" superhero gimmick that WWE was rumored to want him to wear early on in his career. Our guess is that the fans wouldn't have embraced him very much. With that being said, former superstar Hurricane made a nice living off a superhero gimmick, so it's hard to say how it would go over.



We're sure this is not the only bad idea that WWE has come up with for Neville. That might be why he walked out on the company back in October, as there are reports that he's been unhappy with the brand for some time. There were even rumors that he quit the company.

Things were also looking bleak when WWE ended up removing Neville from their 205 Live intro. It sounded like he was ready to move on and go in another direction, but WWE refused to release Neville from his contract. There was a report that both sides ended up meeting together and that things were headed in a positive direction.

As of right now, Neville hasn't reappeared with WWE. So we'll have to continue to wait and see where his career goes from here.

The 31-year-old Neville has already won two Cruiserweight Championships, the NXT Championship, and a Slammy Award during his time with WWE. It would be a shame if he does end up leaving the company. But if they asked us to dress up in the outfit that McKenna posted a photo of on Twitter, we're not sure we'd be very happy.

Feel free to comment below and give us your thoughts on the terrible looking outfit that WWE was going to have Neville wear.


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