Neville's Issues With WWE Date Back To The Start Of 2017

At the moment, Neville is still officially a part of WWE’s roster, but he hasn’t shown up on Monday Night Raw since he reportedly walked out of the show. Reports claimed that the King of the Cruiserweights wasn’t happy jobbing to then-champion Enzo Amore, but more information has come out since then suggesting that Neville wasn’t happy with his standing in the WWE at the time of his walkout. The latest such report suggests that Neville’s creative frustration might have started much earlier than most of us thought.

In a report from Sports Illustrated that was deleted earlier today, Justin Barrasso offered a quick refresher on the rumors that had been reported so far — Neville was unhappy with his career trajectory and wasn’t okay with losing to Enzo Amore on Monday Night Raw, likely to the point that he might have chosen not to show up for taping after being informed of the plans. But as Wrestling News noted, Barrasso also wrote that Neville had issues with his payoffs, lending credence to the belief that lower- and mid-card wrestlers are far behind the main eventers in terms of pay scale.


What’s most interesting, however, is the claim that Neville had been having issues with the WWE, and had been feeling “miserable” since January of this year. His disappointment reportedly mounted at WrestleMania 33, as his Cruiserweight Championship match against Austin Aries was moved to the kickoff show. That meant that he and Aries, who left the WWE earlier this year too, would not receive DVD and Blu-Ray royalties, on account of kickoff show matches being excluded from those packages.

In addition to the above complaints, Neville reportedly was “infuriated” at being asked to wrestle hurt and tired. It was also alleged that the 31-year-old former NXT Champion didn’t like being relegated more often than not to being the “get-over guy” losing to newer talents, Amore apparently included when he debuted in the Cruiserweight Division.



Although it is, once again, hard to deal with the high possibility of Neville being done with the WWE, we can understand where the man's angst is coming from. Like many wrestlers lacking in size but overflowing with in-ring talent, WWE saw him as a guy who could make their pet projects look good, and at some point, Neville likely thought to himself that enough was enough.

We still hope that WWE and Neville could work their differences out, but at the rate things are going, the wrestler often referred to as "The Man Creative Forgot" may be considering his options away from the WWE.

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