Neville Reportedly Walked Out Before Raw

Apparently, the reason that the Cruiserweight Championship plans were changed on Raw was because Neville walked out before the show.

On Monday night, Raw closed with a Cruiserweight Championship match. Kalisto took on Enzo Amore in a lumberjack match to ensure no foul play from Smacktalker Skywalker and it worked. Kalisto defeated Amore and 205 Live once again has a champion that its competitors can be proud of. There was a noticeable absentee from the lumberjacks at ringside, however.


Apparently, the original plan was for Amore was to actually take on Neville in Monday night's main event, but the plans were changed. After all, Kalisto and Amore were already scheduled to do battle for the title at TLC. What's more, Kurt Angle was extremely clear earlier in the evening that the entire 205 Live roster would be acting as lumberjacks for the main event, yet Neville wasn't there.

Well, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, not only was Neville not at ringside for the match, he was not in the arena at all. Reports are suggesting that the former Cruiserweight Champion stormed out of Raw before the show began and he may have even quit WWE by doing so. If this is true, then the whole situation bears a remarkable similarity to a certain someone else that left the company just a few months ago.

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In July, Neville's longtime 205 Live foe walked out on WWE without much warning either, although if the latest rumors are true, it sounds like he gave the company a lot more warning. There are still very few details about why Aries left, but chances are it was because Aries felt pigeonholed by the cruiserweight division, and Neville may very well feel the same way. He was battling with heavyweights and even had a WWE Championship match not so long ago.


If the rumors are true and Neville has, in fact, parted ways with WWE, then it'll be another big blow for 205 Live. Every time the company adds a big name to the cruiserweight ranks, they seem to lose one in turn. The additions of Enzo Amore and Kalisto are supposed to be there to compliment Neville, not to replace him.

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