UPDATE: Neville Still Under Contract With WWE

The future of Neville in the WWE is murky, as he remains under contract but has been off television since October.

Neville walked out on the Oct. 9, 2017, episode of Monday Night Raw due to his discontent with the company.  He has not been on any WWE programming since. His future with the WWE is currently unclear.

However, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio was able to bring the latest updates. He reported that Neville remains under contract, but is hoping to leave the WWE.

The situation is complex, as they reportedly have no intentions of releasing Neville. As such, Meltzer thinks the former Cruiserweight Champion will wait for his contract to expire, though the date for that is unknown at this time.

Before walking out of the company, Neville was the Cruiserweight Champion, but dropped the title to Enzo Amore at the No Mercy pay-per-view. Neville was in the midst of a feud with the Certified G and Bonafide stud, and was supposed to face him the night he opted to walk out.


Over the past five years, a number of WWE talents have walked out to protest and show their frustrations with the company. CM Punk infamously did it in 2014, to show unhappiness with the direction of his character. Punk would never wrestle for the WWE again.

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Nia Jax also walked out on an episode of Raw shortly after Neville, after learning that she was going to fall cleanly to Sasha Banks at the TLC pay-per-view. It was later reported that The Rock - Jax's real-life cousin - encouraged her to walk out if she wasn't happy.

Because of her relations to a wrestling legend, Jax had the leverage and pull to walk away without jeopardizing her future. Neville appears to have the option to come back, but that doesn't appear likely at this point.

Perhaps we'll find out the real reasoning soon behind why Neville opted to leave the WWE. If he doesn't return, you can expect rival promotions like Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor to line up for Neville's services.


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