Update On Negotiations Between Neville And WWE

In October, Nevile decided to walk out on a Raw event, where he was supposed to face off against Enzo Amore.

Amore claimed that he was the reason Neville walked out, but that has turned out to not be true and that he’s instead been unhappy with his status with the Raw brand while mostly only working with rookies in the cruiserweight class.

Nevile reportedly wanted to be released from his contract with WWE in order to work on the independent circuit, but they have refused to do so. Both sides have spoken, but there haven’t been any recent reports on his status until now and things once again don’t look good.


PWInsider.com is reporting that talks between Neville and WWE have abruptly stopped, according to Wrestle Zone.

It sounds like things were going well and the plan was for Neville to return to WWE at the end of November while they were on their European tour. He would have then made the move from 205 Live to SmackDown Live, which sounds like a good deal for him.

With this recent news, we once again have no idea what the future holds for Neville within WWE. Maybe seeing the photo of the outfit that WWE wanted him to wear during his debut made Neville have a flashback and reminded him of why he wants out.

Whether or not Neville ends up on SmackDown, it all comes down to whether WWE is willing to allow him to improve his reputation by scheduling him to go up against more premiere wrestlers. Until that happens, I wouldn’t expect things to get better. 

My guess is that Neville is feeling like he’s wasting his time with WWE, instead of being used in a way that will help him grow as a wrestler.

Neville has been with WWE since he signed on with NXT Wrestling in 2012. He then didn’t make his main roster debut until 2015 with Raw. Now he's been buried on their roster.

Feel free to comment below and tell us whether you think Neville will stick around with WWE. Or will the company give up on him?


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