Why You Need To Be Watching 205 Live

It’s been said a million times already, but the WWE Cruiserweight Classic was a fantastic tournament which culminated in TJ Perkins winning the first ever WWE Cruiserweight Championship. But the subsequent follow up on RAW/205 Live was horrendous, and it remained that way for much of 2016 and 2017… until now. It begun to seem like Vince McMahon and the WWE had given up on the ‘most exciting hour on television’, until he got distracted with his XFL reboot. That gave control to Triple H, and since that point it’s been the best show that WWE main roster programming offers.

You can argue the reasons for this change, but we can boil it down to Triple H and Adam Pearce being in charge of creative. They are now giving the performers time to have better matches and they introduced a fantastic General Manager in the form of Drake Maverick fka Rockstar Spud (getting rid of Enzo Amore didn’t hurt either, as he was single handedly involved in seemingly everything on screen before he was fired).

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Now let’s get one thing straight, I don’t think 205 Live is as good as it can be because they still need to bring in some new stars. They also must prove that they can do it on a consistent basis, but a bandwagon of fans is starting for 205 Live, and it’s 100% time for you to jump on, because it’s just going to get better.

At the current moment, 205 Live is running a Cruiserweight Championship Tournament to crown the newest Champion after the release of Enzo Amore. We’ve only had eight first round matches, but every episode since it began has been fantastic. There have been upsets too, which gives us the unpredictable sense that RAW and Smackdown hasn’t had for quite a while (I mean really, they’re still trying to make us ‘guess’ who’s going to win the Elimination Chamber? Elias… right?). It might not be the high flying, Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet type match every night, but the psychology is brilliant, and the more time allocated has allowed for each individual performer to highlight their strengths as unique wrestlers, rather than just descending into ‘Flippy sh*t’.


The introduction of new faces such as Buddy Murphy, Tyler Bate and Mark Andrews hasn’t hurt either. That gives the existing performers new, fresh matches and it gives fans of the wider wrestling community a reason to tune in as there will always be something new to see. It’s not understood how important they’ll be going forward, but injecting them into the roster with the already wide range of stars like Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher and Mustafa Ali makes 205 Live worth watching alone.

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The last reason why you should begin watching is Drake Maverick. He may not be as big a star as others, but he’s very charismatic and believable in the role. He gives the show some real personality and a face for 205 Live going forward. His interactions with everyone on the roster so far have made sense (Smackdown authority figures having two people who aren’t even on their ‘Top 10’ list compete for a chance at the WWE title… that makes sense, right?), and it just gives the show organization and believability going forward.

This isn’t going to convince everyone to start watching 205 Live, but if you want believable storylines, great, varied performers and an authority figure actually worth watching, then 205 Live is definitely the place for you to find all of that. It’s only one hour a week, so it doesn’t take up a whole night like RAW does these days.

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