New Day Uses Booker T's Famous Slip To Make Fun Of LaMelo Ball

Booker T has spoken out on his podcast about New Day using his slip up during a promo in 1997 to poke fun at Lamelo Ball's use of the N-word on Raw.

On his podcast, Heated Conversations With Booker T, Booker T discussed the Lamelo Ball incident that occurred on Raw last week and also New Day's tip of the cap to it on SmackDown Live 24 hours later. Booker pulled no punches, despite still being under the employ of WWE, in letting it be known how bad a decision he thought it was for the New Day to go out there and say what they said, especially when it was his own 20 year old slip up that was being made light of.


Last week on Raw Lavar Ball's son, Lamelo, said the word n***a not once, but twice. WWE issued an apology distancing themselves from the incident, but that didn't stop New Day from covertly referencing it the following night on SmackDown Live. In their promo segment with The Usos, Big E said that they were 'coming for that gold suckas, and at Battleground we comin' for you' before Xavier Woods cut in and stopped him from finishing his thought.

The reason Xavier cut in was because Big E was paying homage to a promo Booker T cut back in 1997. The former WCW Champion said 'we want the gold sucka, Hulk Hogan we comin' for you n***a!'. During the latest episode of his podcast, Booker spoke about how it's the one blemish on his career that he can't seem to shake and it continues to get brought up time and time again. He claims that at the time he was simply meant to repeat the word sucka but obviously got caught up in the heat of the moment and made a mistake.

Considering WWE's immediate stance and apology following the use of the word live on Raw by Lamelo Ball, it's extremely surprising that they would have New Day cut a promo like they did on SmackDown Live. Although as Booker pointed out during Heated Conversations With Booker T, the trio have the trust of the higher ups back stage so it was likely something they came up with themselves. He said 'I don't know if WWE knew that the parody was gonna go down because I know those guys do a lot of their own stuff'.


WWE are known for pushing the lines of controversy, and New Day are known for taking current events and making them their own. In this instance however Booker may be right and the wounds were probably a little fresh. New Day may claim that they were referencing a promo that happened 20 years ago, but it was clearly done in reaction to what Lamelo Ball had said on Monday night.

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