Kofi Kingston Injured At House Show

After winning the WWE Tag Team Championships for the fourth time, it looks like there is a potential hiccup in terms of the team being able to defend the titles as a tag team under the Free Bird rule.

The New Day is one of the few tag teams who have three active members. In any given match, the team can decide which two of the members will suit up to take on their opponent. It's a sizeable advantage for the champs, but it may not be one that they can make use of for a while. It appears one of the members is dealing with an injury.

Several fan reports from the SmackDown Live event in Honolulu noted that it appears Kofi Kingston may have injured himself in a match and was seen being helped to the back after an apparent miscue. Honolulu is just one of the many stops the WWE is making on their current tour, and while there has been no confirmation on the extent of Kingston's injury, the next tour stop is Japan, so reports will obviously surface if Kingston is not an active part of the show.


The potential injury occurred after a missed body cross maneuver. Kingston and Big E were taking on Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler. After the move, the high flyer did not tag back into the match and was seen noticeably limping.

The plan after giving the titles to The New Day was to lead them to a new feud with a new opponent. It is possible that if Kingston is going to miss any significant ring time, a story may be written wherein a new team takes out one member of the New Day (Kingston) in an effort to send a message. The WWE could easily hide the takeout by having it occur in a backstage segment not visible to the camera. This might effectively introduce a new adversary and give The New Day and obstacle to work through as they try to defend their championships.

Lucky for The New Day, they have three members. Other tag teams like The Revival have not been so lucky. An injury to one member often means shelving the other. The New Day can simply work with the remaining two active members of the team until Kofi returns.

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