The New Day Should Go Their Separate Ways... But Stay Together

The New Day, consisting of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E are one of the greatest trios in WWE history, and since forming in 2014, they’ve won several Tag Team Championships. They have shown their incredible depth and range as characters, as well as their marketing brilliance, and while they’re still hot, they need to go their own ways… sort of.


They just finished a brilliant rivalry with The Usos in 2017, and haven’t found anything substantive to do since, except for one mini-singles run from Xavier Woods as he attempted to win the United States title. During this tournament, all three members focused their efforts solely on Xavier Woods and his opponents (mainly Jinder Mahal), and it was fantastic to watch. He would end up falling to Mahal in the semi-final, and although it was quite a short run, it showed a glimpse into what the future of the group should be.

Sure, they’re good as a ‘free-bird’ trio, but that time has almost passed, especially with Rusev Day, Benjamin & Gable, Bludgeon Brothers and potentially Authors of Pain all around. The tag division doesn’t need them, so why not give two or three of the guys singles runs?

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Big E is one of the most entertaining (highly sexual too, but it works) and talented performers in the WWE today, and the thought of Kingston and Woods helping him to achieve his goal of becoming WWE Champion would be incredibly entertaining (just look at their montage with Carmella for the MMC). Rivalries against AJ Styles, Jinder Mahal, Bobby Roode, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura would all be incredibly fresh, and if he needed to tap into his serious side, that would be great to see too.

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Kofi Kingston has been with the WWE for 10 years now, and has won everything but a World Championship. So whether you’d push him to the top or to familiar territory in the United States title, it would be entertaining, and you’d always get incredible feats of athleticism and fantastic wrestling matches. I personally believe that he deserves a run at the top (potentially after a New Day heel turn), and while it may not happen, it would be absolute money if it did.

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Woods is the most unique out of the three, as he’s never experienced solo success in the WWE. But he’s the most articulate of the three on promos, and he’s a very underrated performer in the ring, so whether you wanted him challenging for the US title again, or potentially the Cruiserweight Title (he’s only 8-10 pounds over at the moment), it would be great to see. This would also create the story of having the entire New Day on 205 Live, and with the new direction under Triple H, Adam Pearce and Drake Maverick, it would no doubt provide some brilliant segments.

Sure, the 3 of these guys helping each other to reach their individual goals may again give us too much New Day (is there such a thing though?), but it would freshen up their act, as we’ve seen how good one or two of the guys have been as cheerleaders. Given some proper segments and their individual work on social media (again see the push for Woods to become US Champion), this would solidify them as one of the top trios in the history of wrestling.


Do I think this will happen? Yes and no. I can see the WWE perhaps turning Woods and Kingston into permanent partners with E going for the top title, while the others play cheerleader, but I find it hard to imagine that WWE will dedicate a member of New Day to three separate title chases at all times. It’s an idea that’s fun to play around with, as this can’t last forever in its current format, so whether they break up (not ideal) or do indeed stay together but help each other pursue individual goals, something has to change soon. The trio have come an incredibly long way from their debut as terrible baby faces, but they’ve got so far to go, so let’s hope that WWE play it right.

So what do you guys think? Do the trio continue the way they are? Should one member break away on his own? Should all three help each other reach their individual goals? Let us know what you think and your ideas in the comments below.

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