New Photo Of Vince McMahon On Crutches At WrestleMania 34 Announcement

The WWE held a press conference earlier today to announce that WrestleMania 34 will take place in New Orleans. Vince McMahon was at the event and is still using crutches to get around. As you may remember, the chairman tore his quadricep muscle back in September.

Excited to announce and welcome Wrestlemania 34 back to New Orleans in 2018!#WrestlemaniaNOLA #onlylouisiana pic.twitter.com/QItSvPbTQs

— Billy Nungesser (@BillyNungesser) January 10, 2017

Over four months later, Vince is still getting around on crutches. He didn't miss a day of work when he got hurt, so why would he miss any events now?

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