New "Talking Smack" Style Show Coming For RAW?

Ever since "Talking Smack" debuted after SmackDown, it's become a regular tradition now to watch it on the WWE Network on Tuesday nights. The popularity of the show stems from its off script nature and seeing superstars maintain kayfabe, but at the same time, also show a different side of themselves. There's also the fact that it's easier to watch the half hour show after two hours of SmackDown as opposed to a three hour RAW. Perhaps the best part is because we get to see more organic promos which leads to interesting character development -- The Miz for example.

And it looks like a similar styled show is coming on the Network for the red brand in "RAW Talk". While it's not on the official Network schedule, it's been listed on the "What's New" section of WWE.com and is set to debut following the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

There are many questions though -- is this a one time thing? Or will it be regular occurrence following RAW? Would it be as successful as Talking Smack considering RAW is three hours? Would Renee Young be hosting?

What do you think?

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