New WWE Photos: Female Superstars Take NYC

In the midst of a Women's Revolution in the WWE, there's still time to showcase the ladies of the company as attractive and stunning beauties in a gallery of photos sure to get the WWE Universe hot and bothered.

Recently, the WWE posted a series of photos of the female talent from Raw and SmackDown Live as they took over the streets of New York. Three of the company's hottest present or former champions drew everyone's attention as they posed for photographer Andrew Boyle in New York City's Chinatown on a hot night in August.

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Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, former titleholder Nikki Bella and former SmackDown Live Women's Champion, Naomi showed off their assets in a series of 30 photos, showcasing both their style, sense of style and glamour.


Alexa Bliss is currently the Raw Women's Champion and was recently double-crossed by Nia Jax on Monday night. She'll likely be set for one-on-one action at No Mercy as she tries to enact a measure of revenge after Jax pretended to celebrate with her post-match her regaining the title from Sasha Banks.

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Naomi is always in the scene as a contender on SmackDown Live, but just recently lost her title to Natalia at SummerSlam. She is sure to want another crack at the title but will have to go through Natalia and Money in the Bank briefcase holder Carmella, who is sure to have her sights set on the title as well.

Nikki Bella is still trying to find her place back in the Women's Division after a series of neck problems kept her out of the wrestling ring for some time. It's long been realized that after neck surgery, Bella would never be back to the WWE on a full-time basis.

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In all three cases, their status in the WWE notwithstanding, they made time to take New York by storm.

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