Nia Jax On How Alexa Bliss Gave Her An Anxiety Attack

Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax have often stood in each other's way for the Raw Women's Championship, but the two have also formed an alliance and team up together in plenty of matches.

Though they're portrayed as frenemies on television, Bliss and Jax are actually best friends in real life, having spent plenty of time together during their days in NXT. The two are so close, that Jax is always on the look out for the safety of her friend.

In an interview with the 9Go! Australian TV channel, Jax told a story about how Bliss gave her a giant "anxiety attack":

"I don't ever let Alexa [Bliss] drive because she's like 4'11" and she can't reach the pedals. And I swear, I let her drive one time and I thought I was going to die, because she couldn't reach the pedals and then she kept looking at her phone. I had the biggest anxiety attack, so I told her to pull over."

Jax deserves plenty of credit for making the right call and keeping the two of them safe. Bliss is actually listed at 5-foot-1, so it may have been a stretch to say that "she couldn't reach the pedals."

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WWE superstars are travelling year-round, so it's nothing new to hear about crazy stories like this one. At least it's a humorous story about two best friends travelling, and not like Roman Reigns having to kick Enzo Amore off a tour bus.

Bliss is currently in her second reign as the Raw Women's Champion. Jax has yet to win the championship, but has asserted herself as one of the most dominant women's performers in recent memory. She walked out of Raw last month, after refusing to let Sasha Banks pin her cleanly at TLC, but returned a couple of weeks later.


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