Nia Jax Destroys Emma On Twitter

Emma will likely wish that she hadn't pushed Nia Jax's buttons on Twitter this week after the former NXT star's response.

This week on Raw Emma and Nia Jax realized while talking to Kurt Angle that they have a common interest, to become Women's Champion. With that in mind, the Raw General Manager teamed the two of them together and pitted them against Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. If they could pick up the win the would both be added to the title match at No Mercy.

The match came to an end when Jax dropped a signature leg on The Boss, but it wasn't her that picked up the win. As Jax bounced off the ropes, Emma tagger herself in and it was her that technically won the match. Both women still qualify for the No Mercy title match of course, but Emma jumped on the chance to gloat that it was her who won the bout.


Emma tweeted that her partner for the evening should be thanking her, claiming that it's not even a match Jax deserves to be in. Nia naturally responded in kind with a come back that would have likely left Emma wishing she hadn't poked the bear. Jax asked Emma if she ever thanked Vince McMahon for the six-month vignette push she received but never managed to capitalize on, adding "how much more do you deserve". Ouch.

Jax has a point. For what seemed like a never ending amount of time, the WWE Universe was promised the repackaging of Emma into Emmalina was coming through a series of video packages. That all came to a head when Emma emerged as Emmalina, only to inform us that she would be transitioning back to Emma again. It was all very odd and pretty pointless.


WWE loves when the lines are blurred between reality and story line, and this will have only added more to a match that already has plenty of that. Bliss and Banks have effectively admitted that outside of the ring, they are not particularly fond of each other, and now Nia is looking to add a little real heat of her own via a Twitter beef with Emma. Who walks out of No Mercy as Raw Women's Champion is unclear, but as of now it's shaping up to be a pretty interesting match.

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