Nia Jax Granted Leave Of Absence From WWE

Nia Jax has been absent from Raw the past couple of weeks and apparently, she may fall under a similar umbrella to Neville.

If all the rumors about what is happening behind the scenes in the WWE locker room are true then it would seem that all is not well with certain talents in the company. It has been over a week since Neville apparently walked out of Monday night Raw before the show began due to being disillusioned with decisions regarding his booking, plus Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas have been absent from both TV and live shows with no explanation.

Another Superstar who has been inexplicably absent for the past week or two on Raw is Nia Jax. Mickie James has been continuing to butt heads with Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, but The Goddess' supposed best friend has been nowhere to be seen to back her up. Emma, Bayley, Alicia Fox, and Sasha Banks have all been featured prominently but there has been no Nia.

Initial reports from the Twitter account @WrestleVotes suggested that Jax may have followed in the footsteps of Neville and left due to conflict over her creative.  Since then, Pro Wrestling Sheet has said that doesn't actually appear to be the case. Instead, they believe that Jax has been granted a leave of absence by the company for personal reasons. Unlike Neville, Wyatt, and Dallas, Jax hasn't exacted radio silence across social media so the latter explanation seems more likely.

Last week on Raw, a five-woman elimination match took place to decide who would get the opportunity to challenge Asuka at TLC. Surprisingly Jax was not included in the match, thus the rumors that all was not well between her and WWE began. Jax also tweeted the above post on Monday morning suggesting that she expected to be on Raw later that day.


The continued rumors of wrestlers walking out of WWE and Superstars being absent from television and live events without an explanation are a little worrying. However, after following the Neville situation, it's natural for fans to over analyze every individual situation and jump to conclusions. Here's to hoping that Jax hasn't, in fact, walked out on WWE, and that whatever reason she has taken a leave of absence for is nothing serious and sorted as soon as possible.

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