Given the very serious circumstances of Enzo Amore’s firing from the WWE – he was accused by a young woman of sexually assaulting her in a Phoenix hotel room last October – it’s no surprise that WWE has tried to downplay this on television. Daniel Bryan recently announced on 205 Live that Amore “relinquished” his Cruiserweight Championship without giving a reason. Likewise, it looks like Amore’s erstwhile onscreen love interest, Nia Jax, is moving on without fanfare, and she appears to be doing so with the Certified G’s closest ally on the Zo Train – Drew Gulak.

205 Live was, until this week’s controversies and his ultimate release, essentially the Enzo Amore show. While this mostly revolved around Amore strutting around and showing off his cocky persona backstage and in in-ring promos, recent weeks also saw the arrival of Nia Jax as Amore’s unlikely admirer. Enzo and Nia’s budding relationship caused friction between Jax and reigning Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, while oftentimes making Amore testy when dealing with his Zo Train stablemates.


With Amore having been sacked, it looks like the man with the PowerPoint presentations, Drew Gulak, may be stepping forward as Jax’s “rebound guy.” This was hinted in a Twitter post where Jax, wearing a referee’s uniform, posed beside Gulak and also put over the Cruiserweight Division in general as having “some of the most passionate wrestlers” in the business.


Although this could, at first glance, be a sign that WWE wants Jax to continue in her current role and find another cruiserweight to flirt with, it’s being speculated that this might hint at Jax and Gulak being named co-GMs of 205 Live. This is in line with Bryan’s announcement on Tuesday, where, aside from confirming Amore’s departure from the WWE without the real-life specifics, he said that the cruiserweight-centric show will be getting its first-ever General Manager on next week’s episode.

Anyone who follows her on social media, watches Total Divas, or listened to her podcast interviews knows that Nia Jax is quite an easy-going person away from the ring, with a good sense of humor. But she’s arguably best booked as an unstoppable monster heel, and continuing this storyline where she appears to be falling for the men of the Cruiserweight Division isn’t doing her any favors. Still, Drew Gulak has what it takes to make this new twist an interesting one, so we’ll just have to see how this goes, and hope it doesn’t send Jax further down the path of becoming a female Vladimir Kozlov, i.e. big, menacing wrestler turned into comedy fodder.

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