Nia Jax Returns to Raw Against Bayley

After a "leave of absence," Nia Jax has returned to Raw.

There were rumors that Nia Jax had walked out on WWE when it was asked she take a clean pin at the hands of Sasha Banks. The Internet was buzzing with speculation that Jax's cousin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, gave her the advice that if she wasn't happy, she should leave. It came just days after Neville walked out of the company for what were rumored to be similar reasons.

Then those rumors were put to rest a bit when Jax's long-time friend Alexa Bliss publicly declared that Jax's absence wasn't due to contract demands or unhappiness with her character's direction, instead suggesting that Jax was simply tired due to the grueling schedule asked of every WWE Superstar. Bliss explained, sometimes people just need a break and that every WWE Superstar, at some time or another, has taken that breather.


Whether it was a leave of absence, a slight injury or a contract that needed a bit of re-working, things seemed to be settled as Jax returned to Raw on Monday when she returned to take on Bayley as Alica Fox's replacement. Fox was apparently too tired to take part in her scheduled match and Jax was happy to oblige.

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Fox watched on in an effort to determine who would be joining her team. Would it be Bayley with an upset win over the returning Jax? Or, would Jax destroy Bayley upon her return.

In fact, it was the latter as Jax dominated most of the match defeating Bayley with a leg drop. Alicia Fox went on the mic and notified Jax she would be her first pick for the Raw women's team. Jax accepted and Raw became the immediate favorites to take the women's traditional elimination match at the mixed pay-per-view.

Before Jax could leave the ringside area, Samoa Joe's music hit and he made his way to the ring in a night of surprises that opened the first 30-minutes of the show unlike any Raw in recent history.


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