The Young Bucks' Nick Jackson Working Through Injury

Young Buck Nick Jackson recently revealed that he has been working a hectic travel schedule and wrestling through a knee injury.

When you work a job that requires you to throw your body around almost every single night then you're probably going to pick up a few knocks and deal with injuries from time to time. Most of what we see in the business may be pre-determined and those outside of the industry may view it as 'fake' but what wrestlers do night in, night out takes its toll.

Even though both the business and science have come a long way, for some reason it feels like in the present day there are more injuries than there ever were 20 to 30 years ago. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is that there are a lot more performers in the business today than there ever were back then. The main reason though is that wrestlers rarely work through injuries any more like they did in the past. Those advances in science mean they either don't need to or can't hide their ailments.


Some wrestlers still power on even when they're hurting though, and one of The Young Bucks revealed that he has been doing exactly that for the last week and a half. Nick Jackson tweeted on Tuesday that he has been working and traveling despite having a hyperextended knee and that it has been the hardest travel of his career.

Despite the injury Nick will still be competing again soon. At the end of the tweet he said that he would see everyone at Final Battle, a Ring Of Honor pay per view taking place this Friday night. Nick will defend the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships alongside his brother Matt and Adam Page against Dragon Lee, Flip Gordon and Titan.

While the likes of The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes are continuing to prove that wrestlers can make a name for themselves on the independent circuit, times like these must be frustrating for them. Nick may be injured but he has shows to make and bookings to honor and is not the kind of guy who won't wrestle when he believes that he can. Let's hope he doesn't push himself too hard and make the injury any worse than it already is.


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The Young Bucks' Nick Jackson Working Through Injury