Nikki Bella Responds to Reports that Cena Protects Her

When you are succeeding, everyone will talk about you and your success. Good or Bad. Don't believe everything you read. N

— Nikki & Brie (@BellaTwins) August 26, 2015

There have been reports circulating that Nikka Bella has remained champion for so long because of John Cena lobbying for it with WWE officials. Rumors included Cena nixing a possible Divas title win for Charlotte.

None of this has been confirmed in reports, but as we know wrestling and rumors go together like bread and butter. This speculation may be popping up now that Nikki is dating the face of the company and is close to passing AJ Lee for the longest Divas title reign of all time, who is married to someone out of WWE's good graces, CM Punk.

Do you think there's any truth to these rumors?

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