Nikki Bella's Steamy Throwback Post Makes You Wish She Was Still Wrestling

While Nikki Bella is taking some time off from WWE to compete in Dancing With the Stars, she did take some time to show off some "behind the scenes" photos on Instagram, showing how she gets ready pre match.

While it's a lot of stretching and lacing up, the third, fourth, and last images are clearly a little more seductive before the slide show jumps back to her getting ready before a show again. There's also a pretty cool image of her holding the now defunct Diva's Championship, but it's hard to say when that shot was taken.


Though she's not the most popular Superstar on the roster and the poster child of a bygone era in women's wrestling that valued looks over skill, Nikki Bella improved her game quite a bit to be able to hang with the women's division of today. It's a shame her run was derailed by an injury, but she does hope to return. Still, one has to think with the amount of time she's been out, and the fact that her injury was neck related, her style will have to be toned down, and her signature "rack attack" probably won't be her finisher going forward.

Still, she'll be present on television, as a member of the Total Divas and Total Bellas casts, she'll still be on WWE TV in some way, and as a member of Dancing With The Stars, she will help expand her brand outside of wrestling just like Stacy Keibler and Chris Jericho before her.

While the injury does suck, it has opened up some options for Bella to plan for her life after wrestling, and that's just as important.

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