No Love: 15 People Who Wrestling Fans Will ALWAYS Hate

Getting the crowd to cheer faces and boo heels seems to be forgotten in professional wrestling. In the 1970s and '80s heels were able to garner heat at the snap of a finger which would create sympathy for the babyface. WWE doesn't care to do this at all and it's not entirely their fault as the business no longer protected. We can thank that to dirtsheet sites and people knowing that wrestling is not real. However, it's almost as if they don't even try to create heels and faces anymore or they don't care to. I can count on one hand how many wrestlers are actual faces and actual heels and it starts ends with The Miz, The Revival, and Shinsuke Nakamura. Other than that, it's the wrong reaction or no reaction. Some people in the wrestling business have done some dastardly deeds that garner relentless hate from wrestling fans. Some have stuck around way past their time and hold down younger stars. Some have been pushed and shoved down our throats so much that we're sick of them. And some are just bullies.

Here are 15 wrestlers who will hated by wrestling fans forever.

15 Vince Russo

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Despite being a non-wrestler, Vince Russo begins the list. Almost everything about Vince Russo gets him heat. His opinions and his current thoughts on the wrestling business has almost every fan hate him. He believes Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens don't have anything special about them. He recently said he can take every current wrestler in a fight. With thoughts and opinions like that it's hard to like the guy. Russo is also disliked for the ruining of WCW as well as TNA. Russo was supposed to be WCW's savior because of the job he did with the WWE. We all know how the story ends with WCW. TNA was once a promising concept and had a chance to compete with WWE but Russo once again led it into the ground.

14 Michael Cole

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Michael Cole is everything Vince McMahon looks for in a commentator. Generic and follows his word as law. However, the fans look at Michael Cole as one of the worst things about the WWE. Commentary adds so much to the product but Michael Cole doesn't utilize his ability to talk. The stuff that comes out of his mouth makes no sense and the commentary on Raw is dreadful. When he became a heel and feuded with Jerry Lawler, many fans saw it as a waste of time. To make it worse, Cole beat Lawler in his only WrestleMania match. When WWE gifted us with Mauro Ranallo we saw great and knowledgeable commentary. Sadly, that was taken away from us this year.

13 Goldberg

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Goldberg's most recent run did no favors for his reaction by the fans. His final professional match prior to his return saw him get booed mercilessly. Many fans weren't to fond of Goldberg prior to that because of his ring work as well as the Chris Jericho incident. The Jericho incident saw Goldberg get mad at Jericho for essentially making fun of him. Jericho then dealt with Goldberg in an actual fight. What has people up-in-arms about his recent return is him jobbing Kevin Owens out. Owens already had a tough time with the title and lost almost every match and never won clean. Goldberg won in less than a minute and Kevin Owens remained professional and went through with it even though it shouldn't have happened that way or better yet at all.

12 Kevin Nash

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"Big Sexy" Kevin Nash is criticized mainly for his ring-work and that's completely understandable. Kevin Nash has only had two matches that stick out in the mind of most wrestling fans. At WrestleMania XI IN 1995 he faced his buddy Shawn Michaels in an excellent match. At Survivor Series of that same year he faced Bret Hart in a match that told a tremendous David vs. Goliath story. However with those two names, it's obvious that Nash was carried in both those matches. His last match of significance was in 2011. That means that fans were treated with 16 years of bad Kevin Nash matches. Nash is also looked at negatively for only joining the wrestling business because of the money.

11 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon being off WWE television now is a sigh of relief for a lot of wrestling fans. She's been on Raw nearly every week since 2013. Four straight years of nonstop humiliation of wrestlers. She emasculated heels and faces alike. Her list includes Roman Reigns, Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee, and many more. Each time she does this it never goes anywhere. It's almost like she does it for fun. In 2013, people credited her for being a great heel and that was true for the time but now it's clearly old. People were excited about the Authority being gone in 2014 thanks to Dolph Ziggler. Imagine how us fans feel in 2017.

10 Ryback 

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Ryback was built the strongest out of any WWE Superstar in the past 10 years. He was even built stronger than Braun Strowman He went through jobbers for three months and got a chance at the WWE Championship. Then he lost to CM Punk than everything came crashing down. Fans began to chant Goldberg at him because of his resemblance to Goldberg. CM Punk completely destroyed him on the Colt Cabana Podcast and called him dangerous as well as "dumb as f***." Ryback left the WWE in 2016 because he thought he deserved to pay more. He stated that the top guy and the bottom guy should be paid the same and that's completely ludicrous. Ryback is now stinking up independent shows with his bad ring-work.

9 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton was once loved by all fans. He use to spew charisma and was easy to like. Most of this took place during the "Legend Killer" phase of his career. Once he turned into "The Viper" he became the most boring and drawn out act for most of his career. He talks so slow and everything he does is slow. It also doesn't help that he has done his fair share of holding down. Christian won the vacant World Heavyweight Championship in 2011 and fans were looking forward to see a different person hold the title. His reign ended that same week by none other than Randy Orton and fans were in an uproar. Orton got the better of Bray Wyatt in a completely one-sided feuded and won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33.

8 Big Show

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Fans have been clamoring for Big Show to retire for almost five years. It just never ends with him. He turns face and turns heel more than anyone in the business and the way he turns is just the same every time. He punches the face in the face helping the heel win. It's been recycled on numerous occasions. Now he's a face and appears sporadically on WWE TV leading many fans to jump for joy. Show said that this past WrestleMania will more than likely have been his last. He was suppose to go against Shaquille O'Neal in a match no one wanted to see. Luckily that match fell through and he was reduced to the pre-show Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. After 18 years with the WWE fans are ready to see Big Show go.

7 Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar in 2003 was a complete badass. Brock Lesnar in 2017 is repetitive and and holding down an entire roster. Lesnar is the current WWE Universal Champion and hasn't been on Raw since the day after WrestleMania. It hurts the company not having your main title defended or seen on Raw. The title is less than a year old and it's bad for the product to not be on television. Lesnar also garnered heat for being the one to end The Undertaker's Streak as 'Taker fought CM Punk the year before which could have much more logical answer and could have potentially had him stay with the company. Now he gets paid to appear sporadically and when he does show up he just bounces around behind Paul Heyman.

6 Batista

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Batista left the WWE in 2010 in favor of other ventures including movies and MMA. He succeeded in both those ventures and decided to return to the company in 2014. To make it worse he returned as a face. Batista allegedly told them it wouldn't work but they didn't listen. At the Royal Rumble 2014 Batista looked horrible. He gassed early and his ring work was poor. He was booed heavily more than any other wrestler up to that point. When the fans realized Daniel Bryan wasn't going to win they began going mental and even booed long-time fan-favorite Rey Mysterio. He wrestled his last match at Payback of that year and the crowd made fun of him for his blue ring gear. Safe to say Batista has no interest in returning any time soon.

5 Kane

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Kane is the most mishandled WWE wrestler in history. He debuted looking like an absolute destroyer and WWE turned him into a teddy bear. Much like Big Show, he's had many faces and heel turns. He has one of the worst win/loss records in WWE history. Yet WWE figured it'd be a good to have him go over on Bray Wyatt in 2016. In one Kane's few pay-per-view matches he pinned Bray Wyatt in a match because of interference from Randy Orton. Again like Big Show, fans have been clamoring for the retirement of Kane. He's had the same character since 1997 and hasn't been relevant since Team Hell No. Fans may be given the Kane retirement they've been hoping for as he is running for mayor of Tennessee.

4 Eva Marie

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As her time in WWE comes to an end WWE fans will be relieved that do not have to worry about seeing her anymore. The only positive anyone can say about Eva Marie is that she was good heel. Other than that their absolutely nothing. Her mic skills were dreadful. At a point in time where WWE seemed to be putting time in Women's wrestling, she was in NXT and she was stinking it up. She has no clue how to wrestle and the fans absolutely hated her for it. One NXT match saw her forget to kick out of a pin. Then she was called up to Smackdown and got suspended before the first pay-per-view. WWE has made it known that they don't plan on signing her back.

3 John Cena

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John Cena has the most iconic chant. More than that, it is the most fitting chant in professional wrestling history. The kid portion of the crowd actively cheers "Lets go Cena". The more adult side yells out "Cena Sucks." To cover this up, the commentary usually says something along the lines of "No one evokes more emotion than John Cena." At ECW One Night Stand 2006 it was than ever before as the entire crowd was completely against him. People are sick of seeing around the WWE Championship and around the main event scene. People are also beginning to get the feel that he is choosing Hollywood over the WWE and he will on television less and less.


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JBL recently became one of the most hated men in the world. The reason for that is beyond him being a terrible commentator. It's more about him being a terrible human being. He's bullied many wrestlers and announcers including The Miz, Justin Roberts, Rene Dupree, and many others. But more recently, he's bullied the best commentator since Jim Ross that man being Mauro Ranallo. Almost everyone knows the scoop but to recap, Mauro suffers from depression. After months of bullying from JBL, his depression sprung back up and took several weeks off from WWE television. The company let Mauro out of his contract and know he does commentary for Rizin FF as well as continuing to commentate boxing. Thanks to JBL, we lost one of the best things going about WWE.

1 Roman Reigns

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It's not Roman Reigns' fault as to why he is on the receiving end of nonstop boos. It's more on the fault of WWE creative. You have him beat The Undertaker who is the most beloved wrestler ever. Then continue to expect him to be a face. It makes zero sense. It also doesn't Roman that most of his lines are fed to him and he lacks charisma. His ring-work is fine yet fans still take issue with that. The way his matches go however are another story. When he faced Rusev at Hell in a Cell, Rusev brutalized him for most of the match and what does Reigns? Superman punch, spear, 1,2,3 and he wins the match. It's almost impossible to get him over as a face at this point but they will continue to try.

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