No Man's Land: Top 15 Wrestlers Who Came From “Parts Unknown”

There are places in the world, which have given us some of the best wrestling talent to ever compete in the sport. Texas, for instance, has produced stars such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Terry Funk. When people think of Canada, it is often associated with wrestlers like Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, and Trish Stratus. Outside of North America, places like Japan have given us big names like Antoni Inoki, The Great Muta and Shinsuke Nakamura. However, there is one place that has seemingly given us more wrestling talent than any other. That place is known to wrestling fans as "Parts Unknown".

The exact location of Parts Unknown is one of the most heavily guarded secrets in the history of professional wrestling. Despite several attempts, my GPS has consistently failed to locate it. If you look at a map, you won't find it there either. The land that is Parts Unknown, is as mysterious as the very wrestlers who come from it. While Man has seemingly explored nearly every inch of land on planet Earth, Parts Unknown has thus far eluded detection. While we don't know much about the place itself, we have been able to observe many folks who have come from this mysterious location. With that in mind, let's take a look at 15 wrestlers who came from Parts Unknown and see if we might learn more about this elusive land.


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Abyss is one of the more recent competitors to come out of Parts Unknown. Though a much larger man, when Abyss debuted in TNA Wrestling he resembled WWE star Mankind. It's a well-known fact that Mankind came from "The Boiler Room". This could lead some to believe that Parts Unknown may be located somewhere in the general vicinity of the Boiler Room. However, this has never been confirmed. Like many athletes who hail from Parts Unknown, Abyss wears a mask to conceal his identity, adding to his mystique. Unfortunately, Abyss is a bit unstable and hasn't been able to provide much information in regards to his homeland. Will Abyss one day reveal the secret location of his origin? Only time will tell.


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In 1990, Battle Kat leaped out of Parts Unknown and into the hearts of wrestling fans everywhere. The Kat was one of the smaller wrestlers to come out of the region. He was billed as being 5 foot 10 and weighing 220 pounds. His size did give him "cat-like agility" inside the squared circle. However, despite this attribute, Battle Kat did not become a major star in WWE. That being said, he still managed to defeat legendary WWE jobber The Brooklyn Brawler. It is said that he resembled former WWE enhancement wrestler, Brady Boone. Unfortunately, he would be released from the company in the same year he debuted. He no doubt returned to Parts Unknown to lick his wounds. Years later, Battle Kat still remains an intriguing figure.


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Kane is one of the best-known wrestlers to come out of Parts Unknown. He claims to be the long-lost brother of The Undertaker. Interestingly enough, The Undertaker hails from Death Valley, which is located in California. This has led many archaeologists to explore the region in hopes of finding clues regarding the whereabouts Parts Unknown. Kane was also allegedly burned in his youth. However, when he eventually unmasked, there didn't appear to be any scarring from the incident. This suggests that people from Parts Unknown may have a unique ability to recover from injury. He also transformed into "Corporate" Kane at one point, demonstrating that not everyone from the region is a mindless brute. Kane has taught us a great deal about his homeland, over the years.


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The biggest star to ever come out of Parts Unknown is most certainly former WWE World Champion, The Ultimate Warrior. He would sprint to the ring during his entrance and then frantically shake the ring ropes. Shaking the ring ropes is rumored to be considered a formal warning to would-be violent predators in Parts Unknown. The Warrior was a fierce competitor in the ring who often lifted opponents over his head, before violently dropping them to the floor. His flowing tassels and signature face paint made him one of the most popular stars of his era. When he spoke, he would often leave us with more questions than answers. If we ever do discover the whereabouts of Parts Unknown, the streets will no doubt be lined with images of the legendary WWE Hall of Famer.


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The Missing Link was one of the most barbaric competitors that Parts Unknown has ever produced. His menacing war paint and questionable hair choices made him an intimidating figure back in the 1980s. The Link was even managed by Percy Pringle at one point. Pringle is probably better known to WWE fans as Paul Bearer, the longtime manager of The Undertaker. The Link also appeared in Sports Illustrated back in the mid-'80s. The bizarre native of Parts Unknown was famous for ramming his own head into the turnbuckle during his matches. His unorthodox tactics must have fallen out of favor with his manager Bobby Heenan. Heenan would go on trade him to fellow manager Jimmy Hart for King Kong Bundy. Sadly, The Missing Link passed away in 2007.


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Papa Shango was a voodoo priest who was known for carrying around a smoking skull. While it is not known if voodoo is widely practiced in Parts Unknown, it appears to have been the religion of choice for this superstar. Interestingly enough, one of Shango's biggest rivals was fellow Parts Unknown resident, The Ultimate Warrior. The voodoo master cast spells on the Warrior, which caused him to bleed and vomit. Papa Shango even wrestled Bret Hart for the WWE World Heavyweight Title in a losing effort. Shango would eventually move to "The Red-light District" and take up pimping. Furthermore, he would go on to refer to himself as The Godfather. However, he seemed to ultimately regret this choice, as he was often quoted as saying "pimpin' ain't easy".


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The masked man known as Suicide made quite an impact in TNA Wrestling. He was originally thought to be only a fictional character that was only created for the TNA video game. However, he would eventually arrive from Parts Unknown and debut in person, back in 2008. The mysterious grappler would even go on to capture the TNA X Division Championship. Little is known about his past and he has been absent from TNA television for extended periods, before eventually resurfacing. Spectators have often mentioned that Suicide reminds them a great deal of other former TNA stars like Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Suicide represents a new generation of athlete that hails from Parts Unknown and will no doubt represent his home region with pride for years to come.


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There has been some speculation regarding The Berzerker's true place of origin. He was originally billed as being from Iceland, though he later claimed to be from Parts Unknown. He did not wear a mask or have any face paint, which is somewhat unusual for someone from Parts Unknown. Moreover, his overall appearance resembled a Viking warrior from ancient times. At one point, he tried to stab The Undertaker with a sword, which is somewhat Viking-like as well. Regardless of where he was actually from, he did have some success in the WWE. He won a battle royal and went on to unsuccessfully challenge Bret Hart for the world title. His obsession with the word "huss" and desire to throw opponents out of the ring and win via count-out make him one of the more memorable competitors from the early-1990s.

7 AX

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Ax is one-half of the tag team known as Demolition. Demolition is probably the greatest team to ever come out of Parts Unknown. Ax spent a good portion of his career either wearing face paint or under a mask. He also wrestled as Super Machine and The Masked Superstar, both of whom wore masks. Indeed, covering one's face seems to be commonplace for wrestlers hailing from Parts Unknown. Demolition at one point was the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history before their record was recently broken by The New Day. Ax eventually wanted to be phased out of the team, so they brought in another friend from Parts Unknown, Crush. They worked as a trio for a brief time before Ax and the WWE parted ways.


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The other half of the tag team known as Demolition was Smash. Smash was another example of a tough customer who came from Parts Unknown. He would often beat his opponents down with repeated double ax handles until they lay battered in the center of the ring. He helped Demolition become one of the most dominant tag teams throughout the late 1980's and into the early 90's. He is also remembered for his tendency to stick out his tongue during his promos. After Demolition eventually broke up, Smash moved to "The Motor City" and became the Repo Man. Smash would eventually find his way to WCW, where he took up a terrible golfing gimmick and became "Putting" Barry Darsow. Fortunately, he best remembered as Smash of Demolition.


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The Destroyer in one of the early stars to have come out of Parts Unknown. It is believed he also wrestled under the name Doctor X. Early in his career, he defeated Freddie Blassie to win the World Wrestling Associates Championship in the early-1960s. The Destroyer displayed the kind of fearless tenacity that was often associated with competitors from Parts Unknown when he took on Victor the Wrestling Bear. Victor was an actual live bear who competed in the squared circle. The Destroyer is also famous for his matches against Japanese legend, Shohei "Giant" Baba. From there, he would go on to once again capture the WWA Championship by defeating Dick the Bruiser. The Destroyer likely paved the way for many aspiring athletes who would later come from Parts Unknown.


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Don't let the clown costume fool you, Doink was a ruthless competitor in his day. At one point Doink the Clown even went so far as to attack fellow wrestler Crush with a prosthetic arm. The two men would go on the settle their feud at WrestleMania IX, in a match where the Clown emerged the victor. The current clown population in Parts Unknown has yet be determined. At present, Doink is the only clown who has appeared from the region. He was often accompanied to the ring by micro wrestler Dink, who was about 4 feet tall. The two even teamed up to face Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna Vachon at WrestleMania X. Unfortunately, the original Doink (Matt Borne) passed away in 2013, but his legacy will most certainly live on.


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Giant Gonzalez was billed as being well over 8 feet tall. This would make him by far the tallest wrestler to ever come out of Parts Unknown. The Giant did not have any face paint or a mask, though his airbrushed physique was certainly memorable. If not for his match at WrestleMania IX against The Undertaker, it's possible fans may not have remembered Gonzalez. That being said, if you're the type of person who doesn't like forgetting wrestling giants, then check out Top 15 Wrestling Giants You Completely Forgot About. Giant Gonzalez was one of the most impressive physical specimens to ever come out of the region. He tragically passed in 2010, though he will go down was one of the tallest wrestlers to ever compete inside a WWE ring.

2 MR. J.L.

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Mr. J.L. was another masked resident of Parts Unknown. Unfortunately, he spent much of his tenure in World Championship Wrestling on the losing end of many matches. To be fair, J.L. took on some of the all-time greats like Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho. He also wrestled many of WCW's masked luchadors as a member of the company's cruiserweight division. He also competed in a high-profile tournament in Japan but didn't come anywhere close to actually winning.  Sadly, while he was injured, WCW decided to fire the masked grappler, back in 1997. Fans have mentioned that he bears a resemblance to former ECW standout Jerry Lynn. However, we may never truly solve the mystery that was... "J.L".


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The Executioner had a very short stint in the WWE. The name pretty much says it all with this guy. He wore an executioner's mask and carried an ax to the ring. Despite countless inquiries, there is no evidence that we worked as an actual Executioner while growing up in Parts Unknown. However, there has never been any evidence to the contrary discovered either.  He was managed by Paul Bearer during his brief time in the WWE. His most notable match was against The Undertaker at an In Your House pay-per-view. He would go on to be defeated by The Undertaker and Goldust, before disappearing from the WWE for good. The Executioner tragically perished in 2001 at the age of 40.

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