Boos For Jason Jordan A Bad Sign For The WWE

The WWE has an unexpected problem on their hands. It's seemed clear for weeks that the storyline involving Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle has not gotten the crowd response writers or Vince McMahon were expecting. On Sunday, at No Mercy, it became crystal clear that not only is the idea having problems, but the WWE Universe has turned on Jordan and somehow WWE will have to figure out how to turn fans back.

There is the chance that the ultimate plan is to turn Jordan heel and if that's the case, the company is getting a head start on the idea thanks to the crowd. When Jordan entered the building on Sunday, he was met with a chorus of boos. While his match displayed his incredible athleticism, the WWE audience didn't seem to care much and when it appeared as though The Miz was only a couple moves away from defeating Jordan, the crowd erupted in cheers. Since this can't be what the WWE had in mind.

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To make matters worse, someone on the writing staff had the bright idea to put Jordan on the mic while the crowd was booing him. He called out The Miz and told him he sucked. Clearly, the WWE Universe in attendance at the Staples Center didn't agree.

It's difficult to guess where the WWE plans to take this but creative has to be aware that Jordan, despite his in-ring talent, is not hitting the right notes with the WWE faithful. The crowd seems to shun anything that represents a chosen talent getting the big push. With Jordan being associated with Kurt Angle and fans expecting it will lead to big things for the "son" of Angle, there are hints that if the WWE continues down this path, the WWE Universe will reject Jordan in much the same way they rejected Roman Reigns.

Jordan has the goods to be a big star. The next steps to ensure he gets the real opportunity he deserves are critical. He's too young and too good for the WWE to throw this away.

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