None Of The Women In The Rumble Knew About The Arrival Of Rousey

The women of WWE both past and present made history this past Sunday night by participating in the first ever all female Royal Rumble. Every woman on the roster without a title who was able to compete took part in the match and we also saw a whole host of returning legends. It was an unmitigated success but what happened directly after the match has overshadowed that achievement somewhat.

While the winner of the match Asuka was preparing to choose which Women's Champion she wants to face at WrestleMania, all three women were interrupted by the arrival of Ronda Rousey. Ever since the WWE Universe has been very split over how exactly they feel about Rousey in WWE. Even some WWE Superstars have been voicing their displeasure on social media at the former MMA star taking attention away from the women's Royal Rumble.


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What can't really be argued is that WWE and Rousey herself did a great job of swerving us. Rousey convinced most that she was in Colombia working on a project so wouldn't be able to make the Rumble, and when she wasn't in the match itself most fans would have let their guard down and accepted that she was telling the truth. WWE had to go to some pretty extreme lengths to keep her arrival a secret.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer even the women in the match were not aware that Rousey would be coming out after the match. However he also reported that when they were told on the morning of the show that they would be going on last most would have likely assumed what was going to happen.

One woman who may have known Rousey would be coming out is Asuka as the two of them did the handshake spot. However if The Empress didn't know and that was her natural reaction that makes the moment even better. Plus Stephanie McMahon would have obviously been clued in despite her dumbfounded demeanor at ringside when Rousey made her way down the ramp.


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