25 WWE Statistics That Make Absolutely No Sense

WWE is not a sports organization. While Vince and the rest of the execs like to present WWE as anything but a professional wrestling company, they’ve haven’t really tried to pass WWE off as a sport in many, many years. The reason for that is simple. Everyone knows that WWE is a scripted program and any attempts to pass it off as a sport will surely be met with joyful mocking from just about everyone in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t elements of traditional sports in WWE programming. The company employs athletes, gets a lot of mileage out of fandom, and keeps track of quite a few statistics. Those statistics are usually only revealed during Royal Rumble promos, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t as many WWE stats as there are baseball stats.

In fact, there are some WWE stats that really change the way that you look at the history of the company. Actually, when you start to take a hard look at the history of WWE stats, then you start to understand that you probably have a lot of misconceptions about WWE. Don’t feel too bad about how everything you think you know about WWE is probably wrong, though. The fact of the matter is that there are quite a few WWE statistics that don’t make any sense. Maybe that’s because WWE isn’t a sport and its stats only serve to reflect that. These are just some of the 25 WWE statistics that make no sense.

25 Number Of Matches Roddy Piper Has Had At SummerSlam: 0

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This one just boggles the mind. If you really think about it, you’ll of course realize that you can’t actually recall a Roddy Piper SummerSlam match. However, it’s still bizarre that Piper never wrestled at SummerSlam given that he was on one of the biggest wrestlers in WWE at the time that the company started running SummerSlam shows.

The explanation for this one is pretty simple, though. Piper was taking a break from being an active wrestler when SummerSlam started, and he battled injuries during the early ‘90s that kept him from wrestling on the show. He never got a chance to wrestle on the show after that.

24 Braun Strowman's Record In PPV Universal Title Matches: 0-3-1

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Braun Strowman has been built up as being some sort of unstoppable monster, but the WWE has booked themselves into a corner quite a bit as it relates to The Monster Among Men. Braun Strowman has had several Universal Title matches on PPV over the last year dating back to SummerSlam 2017. In that time, Strowman has amassed a record of 0-3-1 in those matches. He lost in a Fatal Four Way at SummerSlam '17, lost to Brock at No Mercy, lost a triple threat with Brock & Kane, and his match with Roman Reigns at HIAC ended in a no-contest. Strowman's not expected to come out of Crown Jewel with the gold, which would make him winless in five championship pursuits.

23 66% of Roman Reigns WrestleMania Matches Have Been Main Events

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If you ever want to know why some fans feel that the Roman Reigns push has gone too far, you just need to look at this statistic. Of Roman Reigns’ six WrestleMania matches, four of them have been main events.

Oh, and those four main events have all come in consecutive years.

The last guy to main event four WrestleManias in a row was Hulk Hogan, and one of those main events was a seconds-long match against Yokozuna that only technically main evented the PPV. Four is also the same number of WrestleMania main events that The Undertaker has been in across his entire career.

22 Number of WrestleMania Main Events Only Featuring Wrestlers That Used Their Real Names: 1

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This is one of the oddest stats in WrestleMania history. While there are few wrestlers that use their actual names, you’d think that there would have at least accidentally been a few WrestleMania main events over the years that featured two guys that were using their birth names. In reality, there has been only one. The WrestleMania XIX showdown between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar is the only main event in WrestleMania history that didn’t feature a gimmick name. Surely, that is the highlight of both their careers.

21 CM Punk World Title Defenses In 434 Days: 141 (10 For Brock Lesnar In 434 Days)

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While some people like that Brock Lesnar title defenses feel special because they happen so rarely, others think that they make Brock Lesnar kind of a joke champion. To help understand why the latter group feels that way, just look at how many more title defenses CM Punk had over the same time period as Lesnar’s most recent reign.

Championship workhorse CM Punk turned in over 140 title defenses in 434 days. Lesnar has only defended the title 10 times in that same amount of time. At this rate, it would take over 15 years for Lesnar to equal CM Punk’s number of defenses.

20 Number Of Male Singles Matches At WrestleMania 2000: 0

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WrestleMania 2000 isn’t usually thought of as one of the all-time greatest PPVs, which is odd when you think of how hot WWE was at the time and how much talent they had on the roster.

Actually, they might have had too much talent.

WrestleMania 2000 features just about every wrestler in the company, which is nice, but we can’t help but think that it’s strange that WrestleMania 2000 didn’t feature one singles match between male wrestlers. In fact, the only singles match on the card was a catfight between Terri Runnels and The Kat.

19 Big Boss Man Has A Better WrestleMania Win % Than Hulk Hogan & Stone Cold

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The obvious factor to consider when you’re trying to figure out the reason behind this statistic is that The Big Bossman has fewer WrestleMania matches than Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, the numbers aren’t that far off. Hulk Hogan has seven more WrestleMania matches than Boss Man and Stone Cold only has one more match. So how is it that the largely mediocre Big Boss Man has a better overall win percentage than two of the biggest stars in WWE history? Well, the simple answer is that Vince McMahon really liked him.

18 El Torito Has Highest Overall Win Percentage For Male Wrestlers In WWE History (91.7%)

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Let's stick with win percentages in order to look at one of the most baffling statistics in the history of WWE male wrestlers. Yes, El Torito holds the record for the best win percentage among male wrestlers in WWE history (Asuka has the record for best among females and best overall). At just over 91%, El Torito’s win percentage is stunning. Actually, it’s really not that stunning when you consider that El Torito didn’t wrestle that many matches (73 overall) and that most of them were comedy matches.

17 Five Intercontinental Champions Lost Matches At WrestleMania And Retained The Title

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As you’re soon going to find out, the Intercontinental title hasn’t always received the level of respect that it deserves.

Actually, defenses of the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania are usually treated like time fillers (if they’re even afforded that honor).

For instance, did you know that five Intercontinental Champions have lost their WrestleMania matches but retained the Intercontinental Championship? Considering that we’re talking about what is supposed to be the second most prestigious title in WWE history and its defenses as the most prestigious event in WWE history, that’s unacceptable.

16 Total Match Time Of IC Title Matches At WrestleMania From 2003-2011: 21 Seconds

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While it’s sad that more WrestleMania IC title matches didn’t end in clean finishes, at least those finishes actually happened on the WrestleMania card. That’s more than we can say for the way the belt was treated between 2003 and 2011. During that time, IC Championship matches at WrestleMania took up just 21 seconds of event time.

Those 21 seconds came during the WrestleMania 25 showdown between Rey Mysterio and JBL that was little more than a glorified squash match. Thankfully, things have improved slightly in recent years.

15 Number Of Wrestlers That Have Won A Tag Team, Midcard, and World Title At WrestleMania: 0

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This one will surely send you to Google in an attempt to prove us wrong. Try as we might, though, we can't find anyone who fits these criteria. How is it possible that no wrestler has won a tag team championship, a midcard championship (most likely United States or Intercontinental), and a world championship at WrestleMania? You'd think that someone would have managed to achieve that seemingly natural career evolution at WrestleMania, but it doesn't seem to have happened yet. Honestly, it looks like most people who are in contention for this list are thrown off by the tag team championship win requirement.

14 Only Two of WWE’s 10 Highest Paid Stars Are In the Top 10 of Most Matches Wrestled in 2017 (AJ Styles & Dean Ambrose)

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Sadly, this stat maybe isn’t as surprising as it should be. After all, the hardest workers in a company usually aren’t the highest paid employees. However, the scope of this particular stat is kind of stunning.

In 2017, only two of the top 10 highest paid WWE wrestlers were also among the top 10 guys that wrestled the most matches that year.

Those two men are AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. Funnily enough, the latter wrestler also suffered a serious injury that year. Brock Lesnar, meanwhile, remains remarkably unharmed.

13 Most Matches Wrestled By a Single Wrestler in One Year: Greg Valentine, 1985 (279)

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To help make some more sense out of the previous stat, let’s briefly talk about why total matches wrestled in a year is kind of an odd statistic in the first place. If you look at the history of performers who wrestled the most WWE matches in a given year, you’ll find some of the usual suspects (such as Daniel Bryan). However, there are also names on that list like Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.

Actually, it’s believed that Valentine holds the record for most WWE matches wrestled in a single year (a stunning 279). You’ve got to give the guy some credit for his work ethic.

12 Number Of Wrestlers To Wrestle Multiple Matches At Two WrestleManias: 1 (Yokozuna)

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There are actually quite a few wrestlers who have wrestled two matches on a single WrestleMania card, and many of the wrestlers on that list are some of the biggest names in the history of the business. We’re talking about guys like Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan, and...Yokozuna? That last name is weird enough on its own, but when you consider that Yokozuna is the only wrestler to wrestle two matches at two WrestleManias (and that they happened in back-to-back years)...well, that’s where things get truly bizarre.

11 The Current Best WrestleMania Undefeated Streak: 4-0 (Rob Van Dam)

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Let’s stay on the topic of WrestleMania for a bit as we look at one of the most famous records in WWE history; The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. The Undertaker’s 21 match win streak at WrestleMania will almost certainly never be equaled.

Now that “The Streak” is over, you may be wondering who holds the longest active undefeated streak at WrestleMania.

That would be Rob Van Dam. Yes, even though you probably only remember one RVD WrestleMania match (his Money in the Bank win), the guy’s 4-0 WrestleMania record is still the best active undefeated streak in the history of the event.

10 Goldust’s WrestleMania Record: 0-7

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While Goldust isn't the biggest name in the history of WWE, the guy has still managed to stay employed by the company for an incredibly long time. Goldust debuted in WWE in 1995 and is still employed by the company to this day (even though he was out of WWE for quite some time). Despite being in WWE for so long, Goldust doesn’t have a single WrestleMania win to his name. You’d think that WWE would have found an excuse to give Goldust his WrestleMania moment at some point, but his 0% win rate still stands.

9 Matchups In WWE History That Have Opened and Closed A PPV: 3

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To understand why this stat is so surprising, you first have to understand that we’re not talking about matches on the same PPV. We mean matchups between wrestlers in the entire history of WWE.

For instance, Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage closed a PPV, but that match never opened one.

In fact, only three matchups (Triple H/Randy Orton, The Undertaker/CM Punk, John Cena/JBL) have ever been used by WWE as the opening match on a PPV and the final match on a PPV. Actually, The Undertaker and CM Punk closed one PPV (Breaking Point 2009) and opened the very next PPV (Hell in a Cell 2009).

8 The Number Of Televised Singles Matches Cesaro Lost As United States Champion: 23

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Ok, so WWE fans know that WWE isn’t always the best when it comes to booking champions as strong champions. They’re especially fond of making heels look like cowardly champions. Still, the way that Cesaro was treated as WWE United States Champion was especially embarrassing. During Cesaro’s reign as United States Champion, he lost an astonishing 23 televised singles matches. Yes, he remained the United States Champion even though WWE cameras recorded footage of him losing over 20 times while he held the belt. That’s just objectively awful booking.

7 Number Of Wrestlers Who Have Fallen Asleep During a Match: 1 (Andre the Giant)

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To be fair, there’s some debate over whether or not this actually happened. However, most people believe that Andre the Giant is the only wrestler to ever fall asleep during a match. See, there was this one time that Big John Studd had Andre the Giant in a front facelock for almost nine minutes. You can imagine how boring it would be to watch that match as a fan, but it was apparently even more tedious to actually be the victim of that move. Many believe that Andre legitimately fell asleep while Studd was applying the move. Frankly, we find it harder to believe he was able to stay awake for that whole match.

6 Number Of RAW Matches Diamond Dallas Page Has Won: 1

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Anyone who was watching WWE during the infamously bad Invasion angle knows that WWE did an exceptionally bad job of booking Diamond Dallas Page.

Sure, Page was quite old by the time that he joined WWE, but he was still one of the biggest names to make the leap from WCW to WWE.

For whatever reason, though, WWE decided to book him like a third-class citizen. In fact, DDP only won one Raw match during his entire time with the company. Come on WWE, you’re (probably) better than that.

5 Number of Championships Jake Roberts Won in WWE: 0

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Jake the Snake Roberts is one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time. Go back and watch some of his old promos and tell us if you can think of another wrestler in history that has ever managed to sound so convincingly evil. Despite Jake’s many accomplishments, WWE apparently never felt that he was worthy of holding a belt. It’s hard to believe that Jake never even received a token run as Tag Team Champion, but the fact remains that he never won a championship during his time in WWE.

4 Number Of Wrestlers Who Have Kicked Out Of Razor Ramon’s Razor’s Edge: 0

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There have been some truly great finishers in the history of WWE. Hulk Hogan’s leg drop, Triple H’s Pedigree, The Stone Cold Stunner, Sweet Chin Music...many iconic wrestlers are defined by their finishers. Yet, many of the best finishers in WWE have been kicked out of at some point. The Razor’s Edge, though, has a 100% success rate. We get that Razor Ramon was a pretty big wrestler in his day, but a 100% success rate? Well, the simple reason for the Razor’s Edge being so effective is that Razor Ramon only used it whenever he was sure he was going to win the match.

3 Number Of Names The WWE Championship Has Had Since 1963: 8

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Do you ever find it annoying that there’s a Universal Champion and a WWE Championship? Doesn’t it just make the WWE hierarchy more confusing than it has to be?

Well, it turns out that the top title in WWE has had quite a few names over the years. In fact, if we’re talking about the WWE Championship, the belt has had eight names since 1963.

They are the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship, WWF Heavyweight Championship title, WWF World Heavyweight Championship, WWF Championship, Undisputed WWF Championship, Undisputed WWE Championship, WWE championship, and WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Oh, and now it’s being referred to as the WWE Championship again. It’s all very confusing.

2 "Mr. WrestleMania" Shawn Michaels' WM Win Percentage: 35%

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WWE has referred to Shawn Michaels as Mr. WrestleMania quite a few times over the years. Nobody has ever really challenged the validity of the nickname. After all, the guy has participated in some of the most famous WrestleMania matches of all-time. Famous or not, Shawn Michaels hasn’t actually won many of those WrestleMania matches over the years. With a 6-11 record, Mr. WrestleMania has only managed to scrape together a 35% win record at WrestleMania over the years. Hey, at least some of those losses came in awesome matches.

1 Number Of People Who Watched Hulk Hogan/Andre's Main Event Match: 33 Million

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It’s sometimes hard to properly understand just how popular wrestling was during the Hulk Hogan era. Because WWE wasn’t on TV every week, we can’t really use the same metrics that we use to explain the popularity of the Attitude Era. However, when WWE did host TV events during the Hogan era, they were usually extremely popular. In fact, the most watched wrestling match of all-time is the Main Event rematch between Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan. Over 33 million people tuned in to watch the bout. That’s about 30 million more viewers than the average episode of Raw attracts.

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