15The Godfather

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Charles Wright portrayed numerous bizarre characters in WWE, but none were as non-PG as the Godfather.

The Godfather was a pimp; someone who makes money by offering protection to prostitutes. While on WWE programming this character was portrayed as a fun-loving "good guy", the reality of the sex trade is thought to be

less jubilant and light-hearted.The character evolved as Wright was still known as "Kama", a member of the Nation of Domination from 1997-98. During the final days of the stable, Wright began smoking a cigar and wearing clothes more reminiscent of a pimp. Then once the Nation finally split up for good, Charles Wright went full-blown into the Godfather character. He even formed a tag team with Val Venis for a time.

Unfortunately, as was the case with Val Venis, the WWE changed directions with the Godfather character in 2000. The change in both characters is largely thought to be from complaints issued by the "Parents Television Council" (PTC). The Godfather became "the Good-father" and joined the Right to Censor (RTC).

Wright now manages the adult establishment "Cheetahs" in Las Vegas.

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