Not So Positive: 15 Pictures Of The New Day WWE Doesn't Want You To See

The New Day are without a doubt, one of the most popular factions or stables of all time. When The New Day faction formed in 2014, WWE's initial idea was to find a way to utilize three midcard guys who were struggling individually to find success. Although there wasn't much thought given as to how successful the "Power Of Positivity" gimmick would be, WWE took their chances because in all honesty, they really didn't have all too much to lose, considering how irrelevant the 3 members of New Day were previously. Kofi Kingston was previously struggling as a micard "jobber" of sorts, and he wasn't really going anywhere. Big E at the time, wasn't doing all too bad, but it seemed like after his uneventful run with the IC Championship, that the WWE didn't have any long term plans for the talented big guy.

Xavier Woods is undoubtedly the guy who has benefited the most from being apart of The New Day. He went from being an unknown guy tag teaming with R-Truth, to becoming a well-known star, and a wrestler with tons of untapped potential. The New Day gimmick took off after a few months, and the rest is well, history. As I'm sure you all are aware, all three members of The New Day come across as goofy, and not only that, these are three guys that have definitely had their fair share of embarrassing moments throughout their careers. With that, comes a good number of pictures that the WWE would rather not let us see of these "Power Of Positivity" preachers. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 pictures of The New Day (or of it's individual members), that WWE doesn't want us to see. With that said, let's begin!

15 New Day Showing Off Their "Booty's" To Michael Cole

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Here's a classic picture of The New Day showing off their "Booty's" to WWE's most beloved (sarcasm) commentator Michael Cole, who looks to be very unimpressed, judging by his facial expression. It's almost as if Michael is saying "how on earth did these guys convince Vince to get pushed." This isn't the worst possible picture of The New Day, but it's certainly an image that the WWE would not plaster on any billboard or anything of that nature.

WWE is still in the "PG Era" and as a result, the company tries to stray away from too much profanity, obscenity or anything that would piss off concerned parents. The last thing any parent (especially an overprotective parent) would have wanted their kids to be gocking at would be the New Day's booty's. Of course New Day's antics are all for good fun, but the WWE would still try to hide embarrassing images like this one from our eyes.

14 Xavier Woods As Consequences Creed

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This image of New Day's Xavier Woods is a picture that the WWE would try their best to bury, just because of the mention of TNA/Impact Wrestling. As you may or may not be aware, before joining the WWE, Xavier Woods had previously wrestled for TNA between 2007-10 under the ring name "Consequences Creed." In TNA, Woods is a former 1-time Tag Team Champion with Jay Lethal. Now why would WWE try to keep this image from entering a fans sight? Well, the WWE is famously renowned for NOT mentioning other pro-wrestling promotions on their broadcasts.

The commentators make a point to make it seems as if a wrestler (insert: AJ Styles or Samoa Joe) never existed in TNA, or any other wrestling promotion before joining WWE, and they refer to their tenures in TNA as "the indies" or "various wrestling promotions". Ironically, the WWE has had no problem mentioning NJPW in their broadcasts, as they've referred to AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar for their runs as IWGP Champion. Sorry WWE, TNA exists! Regardless, this is a picture of Xavier Woods that the WWE would like to convince you never existed.

13 Kofi Kingston's Top Rope Botch On Cesaro

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Before I start, I want to apologize for this pictures blurriness, but it's the only one I could find of this absolutely hilarious Kofi Kingston top rope botch. This Kingston botch occurred in a match with Cesaro on an episode of RAW in October of last year. Kofi Kingston was to have performed a springboard jump off of the top rope, but his footing slipped and he ended up falling at Cesaro's feet. If you watch the clip on YouTube, you can clearly see that Kingston was laughing after his botch, so he didn't really injure himself.

The WWE tries to convince us that Kofi Kingston is one of the most talented guys on the roster, or at least of The New Day, and to a point that's true. However, Kofi Kingston has botched countless times throughout his career, much to the delight of us fans for amusement. This is definitely a picture that the WWE would not want us to see, because WWE tries to maintain the notion that their performers never mess up. Usually, a commentator will make an excuse for a blatantly obvious botch by saying something along the lines of "wow, it looks like he got caught up in the ropes" or "he didn't catch all of that one."

12 New Day Showing Off Their Booty's To Sasha Banks And Tamina Snuka

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Here we have yet another picture of The New Day showing off their "Booty's." This time however, they're showing them off to Sasha Banks and Tamina Snuka, instead of good old Michael Cole. Of course this picture is all in good fun, as both New Day and the two divas were having a good time, but it's still a picture that the WWE doesn't want us to see. Not only are The New Day pushing the boundaries so to speak, but Sasha Banks and Tamina are also "breaking kayfabe" in a sense considering they both have a more serious gimmick on television, especially the case for Tamina.

You can tell that the people observing this scene in the background were entertained, but regardless, with WWE's PG Era, this is a picture that the WWE wouldn't want us fans to see, especially the younger members of the WWE Universe. Although The New Day take on such goofy persona's outside of performing in the squared circle, when it came to their Tag Team Championship matches, they were all but goofy (okay they were still a bit goofy but they were way more serious), and this proved to be successful, as they were the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time.

11 Harassing Poor Michael Cole

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Okay, I'll admit, I'm stretching it a little bit with this one. Although The New Day were just doing their thing and showing Michael Cole what the "Power Of Positivity" truly means, Michael definitely does not look impressed. In fact if we hadn't known the context, Michael Cole looks like he's about to cry. I'm almost certain that even though we as fans though the context, someone looking at the picture who is unaware of who The New Day are may jump to all sorts of conclusions, so I could see the WWE classifying this as a picture they don't want us to see. But since we know the context, the pictures absolutely hilarious!

The New Day are truly one of, if not the most most entertaining faction of all time. I doubt anyone would have imagined that they would eventually go on to become such a popular team during their first couple of months on the WWE roster. No one liked them, their promos were corny, and the fans just simply despised them. However, The New Day ran with the hate and after coming up with the idea of being heels instead of boring and hated babyfaces, they got over tremendously with WWE's audiences all over the world, and they truly became an unexpected hit.

10 The RKO That Ended Kofi Kingston's Singles Push

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This RKO ended Kofi Kingston's main event push as a singles competitor back in 2009. If you don't know the story behind it, then here it is. Kofi Kingston was allegedly supposed to have taken a punt kick to the head by Randy Orton to finish the match, but when Orton attempted it, Kofi kept getting up which forced Randy to finish the match via RKO. Randy Orton proceeded to yell "stupid" at Kingston once the match was over. Although this seems fairly insignificant (to me it does), obviously it wasn't to those in charge.

Kofi Kingston never again returned to the main event scene and he spent most of his years up until joining The New Day in the midcard, often floundering. However, since joining The New Day, Kofi Kingston has had a career resurgence, and he is seeing some great forms of success. However successes as a part of The New Day aside, the WWE would not want us to see this picture because they would rather us forget that the whole situation ever happened, considering both Kofi and Orton are in a better place now, with both stars finding success. However, the past is the past and for Kofi Kingston, this picture summarizes what ended his main event push.

9 New Day Dancing With Bad News Barrett GIF

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As I'm sure you all are aware, the "I'm afraid I've got some bad news" Barrett has since departed from the WWE. Perhaps being laced with a gimmick that allowed Barrett to dance like a total knob may have been one of the reasons for his departure from the company. Regardless, this GIF picture pushes every possible envelope. Bad News Barrett was dancing like a wacko, Kofi Kingston was jiggling his booty, and Big E was dancing out of control, all while Xavier Woods was playing Francesca the trombone.

There are multiple reasons as to why the WWE wouldn't want us to see this image. Reason 1 being that Bad News Barrett has left the WWE and as we all know, the WWE makes a point of not mentioning former wrestlers (at least not recent former wrestlers) on broadcast. They almost make it seem as if they never existed. The New Day's and Barrett's  freakish dancing just caps it off as an image that Vince McMahon would try to delete. I can almost guarantee that Vince inquired in his gruff voice, "what the h*ll was that all about?" to these performers when they headed backstage after their match.

8 Big E Eying JoJo's Booty-O!

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We all know that The New Day's signature catchphrase is "Booty-O's," hence why they came out of a Booty-O's cereal box at their WrestleMania 32 entrance, and the reason why they have tons of merchandise related to this slogan. However, this picture shows Big E eying a different kind of "Booty-O," JoJo's Booty-O to be precise. You can tell just by looking at Big E's face that he's "enjoying the view" so to speak.

However, the WWE would not want us fans to see this photo of Big E because let's be honest, the picture is certainly far from being PG. This photo strays away from The New Day's gimmick of being "family or kid friendly." Again, this is Big E stepping across that PG line but at the end of the day, can we blame him? Regardless, this picture does NOT summarize what the WWE had in mind when they allowed The New Day to take on the "Booty-O" catchphrase. I think it's clear that Big E took it a little too literally in this picture.

7 The Blue Masked Luchadore Big E

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I'm including this picture on the list simply because the WWE likes to forget about any or all previous gimmicks that a wrestler had before gaining their current gimmick. This picture of Big E was taken sometime during his stint down in WWE's developmental territory, FCW (now NXT). I have no idea who thought it would have been a good idea to have such a physically intimidating guy wear such a dumb looking mask. It's quite hilarious, yet mind boggling at the same time. Thankfully, the WWE chose the route of letting Big E wrestle sans the blue mask and I think that was a smart, yet obvious choice.

This is one of those pictures that the WWE would not want any of us to see because A, it was an unsuccessful gimmick, and B, because it's such a different character than Big E's current one with The New Day. Make sure you take a good look at this picture, because I can guarantee you that Big E will never return to his FCW days of wearing this awful thing. It almost reminds me of Ron Simmons awful "Blue Gladiator" gimmick.

6 New Day's Funny Dance GIF

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Here we go again with The New Day nearly crossing that fine line of what's PG and what isn't. I can almost guarantee you that Vince McMahon slapped all three members of The New Day across the back of their heads for putting on such a "show" for the WWE Universe. Although it was extraordinarily funny, it was also a little bit too much, which is something that The New Day are sometimes known to do. For the younger WWE audiences, this was slightly inappropriate and I don't think you could really consider it to be "PG television".

However, since The New Day became so successful and popular, they had way more freedom to go out there and do what they wanted to, at least to some degree. Had New Day not been as popular, I would have guaranteed that there would have been some repercussions for those outlandish maneuvers. Since New Day could get away with it, the group didn't receive any harsh punishment, but I would still say that this GIF picture of The New Day is definitely one the WWE would not want any of us to see if they had a choice.

5 Big E Hits AJ Lee In The Chest....Hard

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This is definitely Big E's most infamous botch of all time. When Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E were making their entrances to the ring, Big E attempted to do his signature arm maneuver, and by accident, his arm whacked AJ Lee's chest hard. Let's also not forget that AJ is a fairly small diva to begin with, so Big E's massive arm hitting her with such force looked devastating. However, AJ Lee dusted the botch off of her shoulder, and she acted as if nothing happened much to the shock of WWE's audiences worldwide.

Most fans would have imagined that the force of Big E's arm would have been enough to pummel AJ over in tears. This was not the case. In a recent interview, AJ Lee brought up this infamous botch and she claims that Big E was "all messed up, sad and guilty" backstage after the botch, and that she messed with him by saying her sternum was broken. However, she later told Big E that it was all a joke and that she was okay. Regardless of the fact that AJ Lee wasn't severely hurt by the botch, this is definitely a picture of New Day's Big E that the WWE doesn't want any of us to see. Down below, I've included a GIF picture of the botch.

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4 Big E Nearly Breaking His Neck

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Okay, this botch by Big E was downright scary. Big E was attempting to go for his usual dive/spear through the middle ropes on Braun Strowman, but because he didn't use enough force (or maybe because Braun is an absolute gargantuan of a human being), Big E didn't fly out far enough after the spear, and as a result, he came tumbling to the ground landing very hard on his head/neck. The botch looked absolutely painful but surprisingly, Big E got up and he continued going about his business much to the shock of the fans in attendance and to those watching worldwide.

This is a picture that the WWE would NOT want any of us to see, just because of how absolutely horrendous it looked. I think Big E took a mighty big risk performing this move on The Monster Among Men of all people, and the WWE would not want rumors to potentially fly around that they allow their employees to perform reckless and potentially dangerous moves or spots. Regardless, it was quite a sight to see, and an image I shall not forget anytime soon!

3 Paige Playing With Big E's Chest

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At the time when this picture was taken, it was just a fairly funny sight of Paige "sizing" up Big E's chest. However, with all the recent scandals regarding Paige (as well as The New Day's Xavier Woods), this is now a picture that the WWE would try to keep out of our sight. When this clip from Total Divas was recorded (well before the scandal), many fans were still surprised that the WWE even allowed it to air on television. Ironically, there were many comments on the YouTube video for this picture well before the scandal regarding the possibilities of Paige having a "thing" for Big E or other members in the locker room as well.

Some even commented that "Paige has a thing for black guys." Well, that now looks to be the the case, and although Big E wasn't the culprit, his fellow New Day partner Xavier Woods was, which instantly makes this a picture that the WWE doesn't want us to see. Eventually, all pictures related to Paige may be considered "photos that the WWE doesn't want you to see", considering all of her recent scandals, as well as her and Del Rio's issues as a couple. Paige and the WWE are far from being on good terms that's for sure.

2 Big E's Hilariously Weird GIF

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I don't think you could possibly find a weirder GIF picture of Big E on the Internet. I have absolutely no idea what Big E was doing in this WWE.com Exclusive interview, but by the looks of it, he seems to be enjoying himself, whatever he's doing that is. The New Day are famous for pushing the bounds of acceptable WWE television with their promos on screen, promos backstage or their moves and mannerisms in the ring. I guess a quote one could use to describe The New Day is "they push the envelope". Remember, we're still amidst the PG Era (despite it now being called the "New Era")  here in the WWE, so The New Day are definitely pushing the envelope as to what's PG and what isn't.

I'm sure after some of The New Day's promos, those in charge backstage must have gotten angry with the trio, due to the nature of their promos and the subjects they discuss and rant about. However, for the most part, the Bossman Vince McMahon is a bit of a goof-ball himself, so I think The New Day's antics are entertaining to him most of the time. However, this GIF picture would even have Vince scratching his head as to what Big E's doing, and I'm sure McMahon would say "delete this weirdness dammit!"

1 Xavier Woods And Paige Play Twister

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Not only would this be a picture that the WWE would try to keep away from our eyes just due to the weirdness of their positions, but because of Paige's recent scandal involving none other than The New Day's celebrated Xavier Woods, this is without a doubt, a picture that WWE doesn't want any of us to see. I still have no idea as to why this "Twister" video was even made and put onto YouTube, because it just seems like something that the fans would nitpick and make crude jokes over to begin with.

There were many comments on the video that  summarized what would eventually go on to happen in the future between Xavier and Paige. It's as if the WWE Universe had a crystal ball and could see into the future. I'm almost forgetting to mention that Big E staring at you know what in the background definitely adds to this picture being one that the WWE would try to DELETE!, as Matt Hardy would say. The recent scandal between Paige and Woods is just the "icing on the cake" so to speak, because this picture was weird well before that ever came out.

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