nWo Two Decades Later: 15 Recent Pics Of How They Look Today

A lot has changed in the two decades since the nWo dominated the wrestling industry.

The New World Order is still viewed as one of the all-time great factions in wrestling history and for good reason. WCW never truly was competition for WWE in the overall landscape of wrestling until the nWo formed and brought them success like never before. There were many as to reasons why. Hulk Hogan turning heel to lead the group after over a decade as the top face of the wrestling industry made it instantly must watch television. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash making the jump from WWE to WCW added a "cool" dynamic to the shows that ended up culminating in the nWo becoming the hottest act in many years.

WCW made the big mistake of having too many wrestlers join the faction, especially those with minimal relevance. The size of the nWo and the egos in the group holding backstage power led to it sinking the company as quickly as it made them a success.

A lot has changed in the two decades since the nWo dominated the wrestling industry. We'll take a look at just how much time has impacted the various members of the group still with us today. These are fifteen pictures of what former New World Order members look like today. Let us know which you believe still look great, and which, well, not so much. Enjoy folks!

15 Scott Steiner


The career of Scott Steiner changed forever when he turned on his tag team partner and brother Rick Steiner to join the New World Order. Scott finally earned a singles push in WCW after years of being a tag team wrestler. The heel faction was the perfect home for him to develop a hated personality. Unlike the rest of secondary nWo members, Steiner actually stood out.

14 Buff Bagwell


Buff Bagwell is another wrestler that benefited greatly from joining the New World Order. The career of Bagwell was going nowhere in the American Males tag team. A heel turn to become a member of the nWo gave him one of the luckiest career paths ever. Bagwell had a high paying job hanging out in the background of the most popular faction with little pressure attached to his work.

13 The Great Muta


WCW made the decision to have the New World Order go global. Wrestlers from Japan joined the group and formed their own version of the faction in New Japan. The Great Muta was the biggest Japanese name that achieved success in WCW. It only made sense he joined the white and black color and started rocking the black and white face paint.

12 Michael Wallstreet


Mike Rotunda is most remembered for his WWE fame with the I.R.S. character. Unfortunately, his time in WCW could not be as successful with the new name of Michael Wallstreet. The name was obviously meant to reference the old I.R.S. character and he was granted the honor of being one of the early New World Order members. WCW was still trying to fool fans into thinking the nWo members represented WWE so they wanted to add more former WWE names.

11 Dennis Rodman

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Former NBA Superstar and basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman may be the most random name to join the New World Order. Rodman’s friendship with Hulk Hogan saw him appear on WCW during the height of his popularity. The appearances of Rodman would see him on Nitro with the nWo after skipping Chicago Bulls NBA Finals practice. That’s how much he enjoyed being in the faction.

10 Eric Bischoff


WCW boss Eric Bischoff wanted to get in the fun by joining the group he invented. Bischoff was revealed as the brain child of the New World Order on screen to mimic real life. The personality of Bischoff in the heel was shockingly superb. Easy E walking to the ring with Hulk Hogan and cutting promos added a lot to the faction despite looking silly at first.

9 Scott Norton


The addition of Scott Norton to the New World Order was a wise one. WCW needed to add intimidating members to the group to play into the gang warfare mentality of the nWo being able to beat up everyone in WCW. There are very few wrestlers you would choose Norton when wanting to beat someone up. Norton never did much of note other than participate in beat downs and lower card matches.

8 Konnan


Konnan joined WCW in the 90s after a stint as the biggest star in Mexico for many years. The biggest break of his WCW career came when he joined the New World Order. Similar to many other members of the group, he received a huge pay check to do minimal work and have a great time. Most nWo members just hung out in the ring during group promos and participated in beat downs. Konnan essentially had the dream life.

7 Vincent


Former WWE talent Virgil joined WCW specifically to become a member of the New World Order under the new name of Vincent. For whatever reason, WCW felt he would be a good fit for the group and he had the sweetest gig. Vincent was one of the nWo wrestlers to wrestle the least matches and was really just there collecting a payment to be a part of the group.

6 Ted DiBiase


Ted DiBiase originally signed WCW to be the benefactor of the New World Order in the early years. Considering fans all knew him for his time in WWE as the Million Dollar Man, it was the perfect tie in for him to be the mouthpiece for the faction. DiBiase talked on their behalf and was the guy paying for their advertisements that would run on WCW programming.

5 The Giant


The Giant was actually the first wrestler to join the New World Order after the original three members. It only made sense the dominant faction would get the dominant wrestler of his size to become part of their movement. The Giant was still very young into his career and struggled to fulfill his potential in such a high pressured situation with lots of manipulation from his faction teammates.

4 Syxx-Pac


Sean Waltman made the jump from WWE to WCW to join his best friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. It was only fitting he would become a member of the New World Order. The three close friends originally created the Wolfpac nickname as their little group within the group. Under the new name of Syxx-Pac, Waltman contributed with a few very good matches with the cruiserweights and eventually against bigger names like Ric Flair.

3 Kevin Nash


The signing of Kevin Nash helped add a new level of coolness for WCW. They signed away many talents from WWE but Nash was coming off a WWE Championship reign and still was relatively young. Nash instantly stood out as a major player in WCW and that helped the New World Order become a huge success. Any of the original three members of the nWo being removed from the equation could have sunk the group right away.

2 Scott Hall

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The first person to start the New World Order was Scott Hall when he made a shocking appearance on Nitro to set up the angle. Hall being the face fans associated with the group made it a big deal right away. The overall work of Hall made him irreplaceable in the early days of the nWo. It wasn’t a coincidence that the group started to go downhill when his personal demons kept him off television.

1 Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan officially forming the New World Order by turning heel to be revealed as the third man is arguably the most memorable moment in wrestling history. The shock of Hogan finally turning heel after years as the fan favorite was what the nWo needed to make such an impact. Hogan embraced the role as an iconic heel introducing his “Hollywood” character.

There were many negatives associated with Hogan’s time in the nWo using his creative control clause to keep himself strong. It ended up hurting the overall standing of WCW, but you have to give him credit for bringing the company a new high along the way. Hogan is currently black-listed from WWE after his racist tirade in a leaked tape a few years ago. The wrestling legend looks older but is the same old Hulk Hogan even wearing a bandana and sporting a fu-manchu like his glory days.

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nWo Two Decades Later: 15 Recent Pics Of How They Look Today