NXT Cuts AEW's Viewership Lead Down To Just 9000 Viewers

The gap in viewership between Dynamite and NXT was the slimmest yet in week six as AEW beat out their WWE-based foes by just 9000 fans.

Ever since it became evident that WWE and AEW would be running shows on the same night, the term Wednesday Night War has been thrown around. A throwback to when WWE and WCW would go head-to-head every Monday throughout the latter half of the 1990s in the quest to accrue more viewers than the other.

With that, the viewership for NXT and Dynamite has been pored over, analyzed, and compared each and every week. We now know the final figures for week six, and they might well be the most interesting to date. Yes, AEW has indeed made it 6 and 0 but this past Wednesday was the closest NXT has come to nicking a victory in one of their weekly battles.

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AEW drew 822,000 viewers this week, with NXT netting 813,000. This is the closest the black and gold brand has come to beating Dynamite in the ratings since the Wednesday Night War began six weeks ago. In fact, NXT has been slowly chipping away at Dynamite's lead with each passing week, taking it down to well below six figures for the first time so far.

Dynamite's lead over NXT during the debut episodes of both shows on new networks was more than half a million. What should also be noted is that a little more than 1.6 million people watched one show or the other live two weeks ago, and it was a return to that number this week. Further proof that both shows clashing with game seven of the world series caused an anomaly in the ratings and those lapsed viewers have now returned.

If there was going to be a week where NXT saw a jump in viewership it was going to be this one. NXT Superstars invaded SmackDown and Raw during the latest episodes of both shows, exposing them to a much larger audience than they ever have been before. The only question that remains is if NXT did enough this week to keep hold of those new viewers.

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