The 5 Best NXT Call Ups (And The 5 Worst)

NXT has been an unmitigated success in its own right. The Little Show That Could has become one of the cornerstones of the WWE Network and that has been, in no small part, down to Triple H, Matt Bloom, Steven Regal and everyone else that has been involved with the product.

They've taken wrestlers from all over the world and trained them in the ways of the WWE, making them stars before they are called up to the main roster, but what happens when they move on? How many have gone on to fulfill their potential and how many have just fallen by the wayside? What follows is a look at the 5 Best and 5 Worst NXT call ups.

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10 Best: Seth Rollins

The King Slayer was the first-ever NXT Champion and was as popular with the Full Sail University crowd as he is now with the WWE Universe. So it was only a matter of time before he got the call.

Debuting as one-third of The Shield, they would run riot throughout the company before the inevitable heel turn that would lead to the first of his three titles. As an over face or a hated heel, Rollins has proved, time and again, that he is one of the best in the business today and that the faith shown in him is justified.

9 Worst: Tyler Breeze

Prince Pretty was one of the most hated heels to ever step foot in the state of Florida during his NXT days and it's not hard to see why. Self-obsessed and vainglorious, he was so easy to dislike that it seemed as if his move to the big leagues would be tailored made for him.

So, what the hell went wrong? Maybe it was to do with bad writing or that not everyone who follows RAW and Smackdown has the time to follow NXT, but whatever caused it, he's been languishing in low card obscurity for far too long now.

8 Best: Paige

Saraya-Jade Bevis first stepped through the ropes at the tender age of thirteen and would go on to win the NXT Women's Championship just seven years later. Which, you've got to admit, is pretty bloody impressive.

A huge swelling of fan support would get her there, as the NXT hierarchy listened to the chants and pushed her to the moon, but there was no chance they'd do that when she got called up. Was there?

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The night after Wrestlemania 30, Paige would show up on RAW and defeat AJ Lee for the Divas Title before going on to have an incredibly successful career, with a few minor hiccups on the way, before being forced to retire at the age of twenty-five.

7 Worst: The Ascension

Alas poor Konner and Victor, we barely knew ye. From being the most dominant tag teams in NXT, who had that whole division on a lockdown that the Uso's would've been proud of, to glorified jobbers in the space of six months. When WWE decides to do a hatchet job on somebody, they don't mess about.

With the company openly admitting that they were nothing more than a rip of the Road Warriors and Demolition, and the commentators continually reminding us they were not a patch on the teams of yesteryear, it's a surprise that didn't just haul in a JCB to bury these boys as quickly as possible.

6 Best: Charlotte

The Queen has been a huge success no matter what brand she's been on. Whether it was her early days on NXT or her time on RAW and Smackdown, Charlotte Flair has been one of the few that Vince likes to push. And rightly so.

She continues to put on stellar matches no matter who she's up against and can switch between the roles of good and evil in a way that her dad would be proud of. This has brought her the belt on no less than seven occasions since she debuted on the main roster and long may it continue.

5 Worst: Finn Balor

It's really not that much of a stretch to say that Finn Balor's time on the main roster has been a cluster bomb of epic proportions. This is a guy who was the most dominant heel in NJPW, he was the architect of the Bullet Club and was outstanding in NXT. Then the move happened.

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One serious injury later and instead of being in the main event, chasing the title, he's reduced to feuding with Bobby Lashley and Lio Bloody Rush week in, week out. When he should be chasing the big gold belt, he's so bogged down in mid-card obscurity there's a very good chance he's going to drown.

4 Best: Alexa Bliss

Hands up if you thought that Lil' Miss Bliss would leave NXT and become the first women to hold both Smackdown and RAW's Women's belts? Anyone? No? Well, that's not surprising in the least as the Alexa Bliss of today is so far removed from the cheerleader girl in NXT that they might very well be two totally different people.

There is no way that we could ever have seen that beneath her surface lay one of the most conniving and manipulative heels to ever grace the industry but when she was allowed to run wild with it, that's exactly what we got.

3 Worst: Bray Wyatt

The build-up to The Wyatt Family's debut on the main roster was handled with perfection. With spooky ass vignettes being shown each week and Bray talking about buzzards and whatnot, it seemed that the future was bright for the former Husky Harris. Here was a man who would show us the way and take the place of Undertaker and Kane as the new big bad.

Yeah, got that wrong, didn't we? WWE dropped the ball so badly with this character that it hurts to sit here and type about it, as what could've and should've been a character for the ages was reduced to a bumbling fool who could never back up his words. Hopefully, his new demented children's show host character revitalizes his career.

2 Best: Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is the most important wrestler in the industry today. The former Lass Kicker holds both belts, headlined Wrestlemania and managed to take a heel gimmick, that the WWE inexplicably tried to lumber her with, and turn it into The Man. And when you consider that she started out as a generic Irish line dancer, well that's just impressive as hell.

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Being part of the Four Horsewoman, it looked for all intents and purposes that she was going to be left behind, with the company seemingly favoring Charlotte and Sasha Banks, but the turn around has been amazing. Let's just hope that she doesn't drop the titles at Money in the Bank.

1 Worst: Asuka

The story of The Empress Of Tomorrow is a classic example of WWE having an amazing wrestler on their hands, and having no idea what to do with them.

A beast in her NXT days, she would leave that brand undefeated and step up to the main roster, where they seemed to know what they'd got as her streak continued on. Someone would enter the ring with her, she'd murder them, and off she'd go to her next victim. This was perfect and would've made for the most dominant female wrestler of all time. Right up until she lost to Charlotte at Wrestlemania. With her aura of invincibility gone she's now nothing more than an afterthought on their programming and that, genuinely, is heartbreaking.

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