10 Changes NXT Must Make For The Move To The USA Network

This week WWE made the mega announcement that NXT would be moving to the USA Network on a weekly basis, for a live two-hour slot each week starting from September 18th as WWE prepares to go to war with AEW, head-on.

While this is certainly an exciting time to be a wrestling fan, and there is no doubt that NXT as a brand has the talent and quality to make this a success, WWE is going to have to make some changes to the black and yellow brand in order for this to work.

Going from a WWE Network exclusive show, where the pressure is on themselves, to having to please USA Network executives is a different ball game, and within this list, we will look at ten changes that NXT needs to make for this to work.

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10 Fresh Storylines

One of the storylines that have dominated NXT for around a year now is that of Johnny Gargano chasing the NXT Championship, whether that be against Tommaso Ciampa or Adam Cole.

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For the most part, it has been an entertaining ride, but in recent months it has felt that fans have become a little tired of the same main event situation in each Takeover and NXT television taping.

With WWE moving the show to the USA Network, now is the time to hit the reset button and try to change things up and provide some fresh storylines to shake things up a little.

9 Wages

This is an issue that doesn't really matter to the fans in the slightest, however, it is something that the WWE Superstars themselves are likely thinking about a lot and it is an important issue.

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That issue is the wages that they are paid, as there will likely need to be a conversation behind the scenes about what is going to happen as many WWE NXT Superstars are still on lower wages.

With the company earning a lot of extra money from the USA Network for this move, the people putting their bodies on the line each and every week really should be seeing a benefit to that.

8 A Stricter Roster

While the vast majority of the NXT roster is set and in place, there are some names that leave fans a little puzzled about what roster they are actually on, as they appear on more than one show a week.

Some names such as Pete Dunne or Oney Lorcan have been working on various other shows like NXT UK and 205 Live, which isn't exactly helpful when it comes to fans investing in a character.

The WWE Universe will only be confused if Lorcan turns up with the Cruiserweight Championship one week when he is supposed to be an NXT Superstar, and now is the time to focus on that.

7 Vince McMahon's Involvement

This isn't necessarily a change that NXT needs to make but is, in fact, a change that will very likely get made, as Vince McMahon is certainly going to have some involvement in what happens with the popular brand.

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When NXT was on the WWE Network, Vince McMahon wasn't involved in the show in the slightest, leaving everything down to Triple H and his team, however, that is all going to change with Vince not wanting to let down the USA Network.

Whilst it is unknown how involved he will end up becoming, you can expect to see Vince McMahon making his presence known every now and then.

6 No More Call Ups

Traditionally, talents that have done well in NXT have always been "promoted" to the main roster, joining either Raw or SmackDown Live, leaving NXT to rebuild its roster whilst WWE does whatever with the talent who has moved.

However, now that NXT is going to be on the USA Network, it is going to be a lot harder for WWE to justify plucking a wrestler from the black and yellow brand and moving them because NXT will be an official brand.

WWE cannot afford to weaken NXT in any way, as the audience will be expecting the very best from the show, and therefore WWE will need to change its approach if talent needs to be moved.

5 Takeover Will Expand

At the moment, NXT Takeover events are very few and far between, which means WWE has plenty of time to build to each show, however, if WWE wants to keep to that format, then there is a chance the shows will expand.

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So far, WWE has kept Takeover's tight, typically being no more than five matches on a card, which has helped the shows be as successful as they have been, but with more TV time to fill on the road to each show that could change.

WWE will have more stories taking place on a regular basis now, which means that there could be more matches on each Takeover card, extending them in length to be more like a WWE PPV.

4 Bring In Main Roster Stars

While the diehard wrestling fan might be a major NXT fan and know who everyone on the roster is, that can not be said for everyone else, and when the show joins the USA Network it will be open to a wider audience.

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There is a need for WWE to add in some recognisable names to the black and yellow brand, at least for the first few months, as it will help attract a wider audience to view the show.

Of course, WWE isn't going to be putting the likes of Seth Rollins and John Cena on NXT, but talents such as Cesaro or Dana Brooke could make a slight difference to the show to start with.

3 More Filler Content

The beauty of only having one hour of television to fill each week is that the focus can really be piled into just a handful of storylines, with Triple H putting all of his concentration on whichever matches will be happening at the next Takeover.

That has led to some incredible storylines that have been well built up and it is one of the key reasons why Takeover events are so successful, however, all of that is going to change in September.

NXT's weekly shows will need to have slightly more filler content in order to fill the entire two-hours every single time, and that is hopefully going to have a positive impact by giving some people time to shine.

2 NXT Must Tour

WWE made the announcement that NXT will be staying at Full Sail University, for the time being, meaning that every episode of the live two-hour show will be getting taped in Orlando, Florida.

However, that is now something that is sustainable in the long-term, as there is no way WWE will be able to get the same fans turning up week in, week out, as people have other commitments.

What this means is that WWE is going to take NXT on the road at some stage in order to ensure that the show always sells out and that fans from outside of Florida do not become frustrated.

1 It Is No Longer Developmental

This is the biggest change that NXT is going to go through when it moves to the USA Network, as the show is no longer going to be strictly a developmental brand as it has been in recent years.

Even though NXT has always been home to some incredible talents who are certainly in no need for developing, it has also been the home to wrestlers from the Performance Center who have had no experience on television before.

Simply dropping a wrestler with no experience onto the USA Network is a big risk that WWE will no longer be able to take, and therefore the idea that NXT is simply developmental is going to be a thing of the past.

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