NXT Debuts Completely Change Main Event Scene

SummerSlam will have some lofty heights to live up to. After NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III raised the bar in so many ways as to what a well-done pay-per-view should look like, if the WWE main roster wants to outdo the pure athleticism and surprises of Saturday's show, they have their work cut out for them.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III offered not one, but five quality contests and the show was highlighted by the surprise debuts of Adam Cole alongside his ROH buddies Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly.

Right after Drew McIntyre somewhat shocked the crowd by standing victorious as the new NXT Champion, Adam Cole — hot off the presses as the newest WWE signee — showed up and crashed the party. The three-time ROH World Champion and former Bullet Club member attacked McIntyre from behind and left him laying the middle of the NXT ring.


This came after Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish had made their NXT presence known by laying waste to the participants of the NXT tag title bout — one that saw SAnitY pick up the NXT Tag Team Championships in a hard fought contest over The Authors of Pain.

With Bobby Roode nowhere to be found as the pay-per-view came to a close and with the three former Ring of Honor vets standing over a laid out Drew McIntyre, it appears the main event scene drastically changed in NXT. One has to wonder if Roode and his "Glorious" character will move up on the WWE main roster as McIntyre and Cole battle it out for the NXT Title.

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The first thought by many was that Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly would go straight to the Performance Center of NXT and slowly work their way into NXT storylines. Instead, Triple H and the NXT writing team felt these three had enough of a reputation to make a dent immediately. With NXT being a little shy on big name main eventers, and the promotion about to be raided by the WWE main roster in the rumored coming Superstar Shake-Up, there was no better time than now to plug all three into the show and capitalize on their ability to provide a shake-up of their own.

After Saturday night, NXT has a completely different look. There is a new set of tag champs, a new NXT Champion, and three new faces ready to make a major impact. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III held nothing back. After Sunday night, the WWE Universe will get to decide if WWE went two-for-two.

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