NXT Diva Causes Controversy Over Posting Nazi Imagery

Zahra Schreiber is known as the real-life girlfriend of Seth Rollins and just made her big debut in NXT developmental. Unfortunately, the rising starlet is getting into hot water over images she posted in her Instagram account in 2012 that featured Nazi imagery.


Among the comments Zara made to those who protested the images:

*haha it’s not a big deal! I can hang whatever photos I want in MY room or MY instagram. Just like she can post all over her networking sites how she thinks women who are prolife are idiots. We all have our own opinions and lifestyles. I don’t comment on hers so I expect the same.

* The swastika means prosperity and luck. It was around way before Hitler turned it into an icon. Take it how you want I could care less. This is too funny.

* Believed what way? Lol one of my best friends back home is black and another is married to a black man. I dislike people for their actions not their race. If it happens to be a black, Asian or white person so be it. Mind your business. I’m not all on your s–t for things you say that I have no respect for.

* I don’t really give a s–t what it means to other people Brendan

* I said that referring to her saying the swastika symbol deserves to be spat on. It has other meanings also. f–k off. I’ll take interest anything I want. If you look next to it is a photo of an actress who refused nazism and was awarded right to America. I’ll put whatever i want on wall. Get the f–k over it.

* me too esp over something so stupid. People need to lighten up and get the sticks outta their ass.

The original images have since been deleted but one can see how this could hurt Zara's chances in the media-friendly WWE.

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