15Tyler Breeze / Rick “The Model” Martel

Breeze: auction.wwe.com / Martel: jhwink.deviantart.com

In today’s Generation Me environment, there is so much self–indulgence that Tyler Breeze can use to his advantage, and who doesn’t love a giant furry selfie stick. If Breeze needs someone who came before him to look up to and emulate, who better than fellow Canadian, Rick “The Model” Martel? Martel became a memorable

superstar after he adopted the Model bit. While it’s doubtful that Breeze will start carrying around a bottle of Arrogance cologne, if Triple H brought Martel in to second Breeze, it could be the big bump that gets Breeze to the main roster. Think of all the Zoolander and AXE body spray–inspired promos these two could pull off.

Required Coursework – The Model’s Arrogance vignettes and Martel vs. Razor Ramon on Raw, Episode 35.

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