10 Main Roster Wrestlers Who Should Go Down To NXT

When it comes to NXT, Triple H doesn't want to hear anyone call it the minor leagues, a developmental territory, or to say that moving to NXT is "going down." However, that is still what many people see when someone from the main roster of Raw or SmackDown makes a move to NXT. With WWE NXT on USA Network now, that might change.

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With NXT moving to Wednesday nights on USA Network, there is a chance to underutilized and unhappy WWE superstars to find a place to go to succeed better and still perform on a national platform. Here is a look at 10 main roster wrestlers who should go down to NXT.


Zack Ryder is someone who did everything he could to push his way to the top of WWE. He took his talents to the internet and showcased his charisma and character on his own YouTube show. It ended up more popular than anything WWE was doing online at the time and fans started to chant his name at events.

However, WWE put him into a can't-win feud with Kane when he reached the height of his popularity and then dropped him hard. He wasn't on television hardly at all in 2018 and finally got a tag team title run this year. Ryder can connect with fans and would be a perfect fit in NXT.


Since returning to WWE, Shelton Benjamin has proven that he still has the talent and ability to go at a high level, but no one in the company seems to care. All they have done with Benjamin was have promos of his staring into space and laughing and then they sent him out to lose to his former partner Chad Gable in the King of the Ring tournament.

Benjamin is older than just about anyone in NXT. However, he could go down there as a player-coach and put on amazing matches against just about anyone. He is someone who could take younger talent and show them how to deliver great main roster caliber matches and would at least get to wrestle again.


Before Apollo Crews showed up in WWE, he was an up-and-coming indie star known as Uhaa Nation. He then debuted in NXT and worked there for a short time before moving up to the main roster. However, since coming to the main roster, he has teamed with Titus O'Neil and did nothing.

Along the way, Crews has proven to be an exciting in-ring star, but the biggest complaint is that he has no personality and no character. He has gotten some wins here and there but is forgotten on Raw. If Apollo could move back to NXT and get more than a cup of coffee there, he might be able to develop a character that will help him rise in the ranks.


When Bo Dallas was in NXT, he was the top champion there when the promotion made its way to the WWE Network. Dallas started as a babyface, but the fans hated him. As a result, Dallas slowly became a heel but kept playing it up to the crowd, pretending to be a babyface. It was like Honky Tonk Man was back.

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Bo Dallas moved to the main roster and many fans there didn't know anything about his character from NXT and hated him in a "go away" sort of way. Since then, he has been part of B-Team, actually winning the tag titles but he has been nothing more than a jobber in Monday Night Raw.


When Dwayne Johnson came back to WWE and started his feud with John Cena, he worked down in the developmental center to get back into ring form. When he looked at who he had to work with, The Rock chose Curtis Axel, calling him the best talent he could work with to get back into the best ring-shape possible.

Curtis Axel is the son of Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig and the grandson of Larry "The Axe" Hennig. With that lineage, this third-generation star is a comedy talent in a jobber tag team known as The B-Team. Maybe a trip to NXT with Bo Dallas could help rejuvenate them like it did Breezango.


Cesaro is doing just fine on the main roster -- at times. He won a butt-load of tag team titles with Sheamus. The fans love him, and he turns in great matches every time he steps in the ring, no matter who he is wrestling. Even in his losses, Cesaro looks like a major star.

However, when Cesaro has moved to NXT in the past, he was a true superstar. He helped make Sami Zayn into a star in NXT. Cesaro went to NXT UK this year and worked a fantastic match there. Cesaro is a star wherever he goes, but in one of the NXT brands, he could be one of the biggest stars in WWE.


Fans have to feel bad for Buddy Murphy. He was in NXT before and did little there outside of a tag team with Wesley Blake. However, when he moved to 205 Live, Buddy Murphy showed how great he was. Murphy won the title from Cedric Alexander and had a great run.

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After turning in some of the best matches in 205 Live, he went to SmackDown Live and did nothing. Then Buddy got a match with Roman Reigns and looked like a star, and then he disappeared again. Buddy Murphy deserves a single's run, and NXT would be perfect.


Mike Kanellis has made a fool out of himself for the last two months on Monday Night Raw. Honestly, for guys who never get to wrestle on TV, they should look at Kanellis and realize it could be worse. He is involved in an angle where his wife is pregnant and questions his manhood constantly while he loses matches in a matter of seconds.

Mike should go to NXT. He has friends there in Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, and Bobby Fish. As a former member of The Kingdom in Ring of Honor, Kanellis could come in and make a statement in NXT. It is better than what he is doing right now.

2 EC3

The fact that WWE called up EC3 before he had a chance to even get a chance in NXT seemed strange. The fact that they called him up and then did nothing with him was even worse. He got a chance to debut, had a match, and then disappeared.

The rumor is that Vince McMahon was not impressed with his performance and chose to bury him. Most of EC3's main roster career has been spent either in the back drinking out of a red cup, chasing after the 24/7 Champion, or getting squashed by the next big star.


Eric Young came into NXT and fans loved seeing the former Impact Wrestling world champion there. When he started Sanity, it was an instant hit in NXT. The faction ran over everyone and had one of the best entrances in the entire WWE. Then Sanity was called up to SmackDown Live.

After SmackDown Live announced Sanity was coming, they took almost two months before they showed up and then did nothing. Soon, WWE broke them up and sent Killian Dane back to NXT and Alexander Wolfe to NXT UK. Meanwhile, the veteran leader Eric Young has done nothing. Its time to go back to NXT and start another faction.

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