How NXT Plans To Take Advantage Of AEW Dynamite Next Week

The Wednesday night wars will officially begin next week, when AEW Dynamite airs for the first time ever on TNT.

WWE decided to take the wars a step further by moving their NXT broadcasts over to Wednesday nights on USA Network, thus putting themselves in immediate competition with AEW.

That was one of the first of many big moves Vince McMahon made in order to sabotage the company. And WWE has another sneaky and clever plan in trying to take advantage of AEW Dynamite next week.

The NXT commentary team revealed that there will be "limited commercial interruptions" for next week's episode. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Ringside News) WWE is doing this "because AEW’s going to have a regular commercial schedule and they’re looking for any advantage they can get."

It's certainly an interesting strategy by WWE, and it should give them quite an advantage throughout the evening. There will be tons of wrestling fans flipping between the two shows, and less commercial time certainly works in the favor of NXT.

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WWE has been finding different ways to try and get ahead of AEW before the start of the war. Meltzer recently reported that himself - along with other media members - were invited to tour the WWE Performance Center next Wednesday - the same day as the AEW Dynamite premier.

Of course, the intention of this was for WWE to try and drive some media coverage away from AEW on its historical night - though Meltzer said he "can't see" himself accepting the offer.

NXT Has The Early Advantage

NXT has already put on a couple of shows on Wednesday nights, and now they're giving themselves the extra boost with limited commercials. It's still very early, but right now, you have to give the advantage to NXT. They're also on the side of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, so AEW officials and superstars have their work cut out for them.

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