NXT Possibly Getting Another Championship

NXT currently only has one major male singles title, the NXT Championship, but apparently, the idea of adding another has been discussed.

At NXT Takeover Brooklyn III this past weekend, the brand's most coveted championship changed hands in the night's main event. Drew McIntyre and the now former champion Bobby Roode went head-to-head and it was the Scotsman who emerged victorious, bringing the curtain down on Roode's near seven-month reign. The NXT Championship very rarely changes hands in comparison to its main roster counterparts which is why there has been talk of adding a secondary title to the brand.

To put it into perspective, the NXT Championship has changed hands just twelve times in its entire history. Seth Rollins was the first champion, winning the tournament to crown an inaugural NXT title holder back in July of 2012, over five years ago. In that same time period, the WWE Championship has changed hands an incredible 22 times.



The point here is that not many Superstars in NXT have the opportunity to hold gold. As pointed out by Bryan Alvarez on an episode of Wrestling Observer Live, stars like Tye Dillinger and Tyler Breeze, although top performers in NXT, were never the very top guy, and it might be why their main roster careers haven't taken off. It was also Alvarez that said while he can't confirm that there will be one, he knows that there have been discussions at NXT to add another championship to the brand.



Adding another championship to NXT certainly couldn't hurt. There are a number of Superstars at Full Sail right now who fall into that Breeze and Dillinger bracket where they're terrific Superstars, but unlikely to ever win the big one. Kassius Ohno, Hideo Itami, and Roderick Strong, for example, are all men who may pass right through NXT without ever being a champion.

There are currently nine championships in total in WWE, and that's not even including the ones in NXT. There is certainly an argument to be made that the addition of another would be over saturating an already pretty flooded market. Plus, there's the very valid point that not everyone should get to be a champion, and that title belts should be reserved for the absolute best. Roddy Piper, Curt Hennig, and Razor Ramon are all examples of men who never won a World Championship in WWE, and it certainly didn't do their careers any harm.

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