In a company that takes injuries very seriously and in a business that revolves around not actually hurting your opponent in real life, one WWE Superstar might be in a bit of hot water for comments that were in bad taste. In a strange tweet that has since been removed from his feed, NXT Superstar Lars Sullivan made reference to his excitement to get out there and injure another wrestler, potentially ending their career.

He wasn’t speaking to any one wrestler in particular but was referencing the fact that he was destructive and looked forward to being so destructive that it would be an accomplishment to put someone on the shelf for good. Cleary, it was a way to try and put over his character but it was a poor choice of words and it has since been removed from public viewing.

The tweet read, “I’m out to injure people. Put them on the shelf for months, riiiiiiiiight? Can’t wait to have the opportunity to end someone’s career, that would be the ultimate accomplishment.”

— LarsWWE (@LarsSWWE) December 29, 2017

This isn’t the first time Lars has said something a bit odd. His social media profile is full of references to being pure chaos and mayhem. He’s definitely one of the strongest competitors in NXT and his character is that of a monster out to destroy the NXT roster. In one tweet over the holidays, Lars made reference to treating Santa Claus with a bit of the same treatment he expects to give his competitors in NXT.


There is no mention or word from the WWE if his comments are going to be reprimanded. With wrestlers like Paige recently getting hurt at a WWE Live Event and popular stars like Daniel Bryan trying to make a return to the ring after serious injury issues, at the very least Lars’ comments were likely not appreciated around the locker room, even if they weren’t intended to be malicious and only a part of his on-screen persona.

There is also no news on whether or not the WWE required Lars remove the post or he did so on his own accord. Within days, Lars was back to posting videos of his gym workouts including a 275lb snatch exercise that he said, “went up easier than ever.”

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