NXT Stars Reportedly Unhappy With Their Pay Following USA Move

Reports are circulating that the pay rises NXT Superstars were promised following the show's move to USA are not coming.

The Wednesday Night War is now four weeks old and for the most part, on both sides of the fence, it's so far so good. Yes, the ratings have been gradually declining with each passing week for NXT and Dynamite, but the product has been stellar. Should both sides continue on as they have been and keep building on the foundations built, neither should have any problems.

That's unless the reports currently circulating about NXT turn out to be true. The black and gold brand has been on the USA Network for well over a month, and the assumption was that its stars would be getting a pay rise following the move. Fair as they now have to perform live every week, and the show is now twice as long as it used to be.

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Wrestler David Starr recently tweeted a screenshot of a Forbes article highlighting the amount of money the McMahons have made off the back of Linda being in Trump's cabinet. Starr wrote, "The McMahon’s are worth nearly $3 BILLION. The reported base level salary of an NXT superstar is $55,000." After someone pointed out that the article is out of date, Starr came back with more info.

Despite the article being published before NXT's move to USA, Starr claimed that he has spoken to many Superstars at Full Sail. Starr's tweet reads, "they had a roster meeting with management where they were told their TV pay raises weren’t coming." Casey Michael of squaredcirclesirens.com has also reported that some talent in NXT is becoming more vocal towards Triple H about their frustrations.

One day into a new week and it's not looking like it's going to be a great one for NXT. On top of all of the above reports regarding pay and frustrations, the issue involving a poorly thought out Jordan Myles t-shirt also continues to escalate. The ratings for week five of the Wednesday Night War might well be the most telling to date and could see NXT loyalists switch to Dynamite as a sign of protest.

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