Rumor: NXT UK Stars To Join The Invasion During Tonight's Raw & SmackDown Tapings

With both Raw and SmackDown being taped ahead of time in Manchester tonight, there are rumors that NXT UK stars could get in on the invasion angle.

NXT Superstars invading SmackDown last Friday made for one of the best WWE shows of the year so far. It's still unclear whether the invasion was originally planned or not. Probably, but WWE had to tweak its original idea and bring it forward due to Superstars being stranded in Saudi Arabia.

Whatever the original plan was supposed to be, this new one is working out just fine. The invasion carried over onto Raw on Monday, and we even saw some Raw Superstars invade the NXT Arena. The OC was the perfect team for the job since they are part of a very small group of current WWE Superstars that didn't have to first pass through NXT, so they have no affiliation to the black and gold brand whatsoever.

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Since the invasion is now the focal point heading towards this year's Survivor Series, it's probably safe to assume that it will continue during the coming week's shows. In fact, according to WrestleVotes, there might well be a second invasion tonight. Both SmackDown and Raw are being taped ahead of time as the shows are taking place in the UK.

If the rumors do turn out to be true, this chapter of the invasion will have a slightly different feel. Since the Raw and SmackDown rosters will be in the UK but the NXT Superstars are still in the US, it will be the UK branch of the NXT brand that invades tonight. More specifically, Imperium. The quartet, led by NXT UK Champion WALTER, could arrive during tonight's tapings and cause chaos.

NXT UK Superstars showing up in Manchester tonight would certainly make a lot of sense. Introducing larger audiences to the NXT UK brand will also be a good idea. Stars such as Toni Storm and Tyler Bate obviously have big futures ahead of them and are still so young. Tonight could be the biggest night of both their careers should they make appearances.

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