NXT: 10 Things WWE Fans Should Know About The Undisputed Era

The rise of Undisputed Era made them the hottest overall act in NXT. Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong have developed superb chemistry as a group. All four men are outstanding on their own, but they become next level talents when working together. NXT has made them a huge priority on the show as they move to USA Network and especially during the invasion on Raw and Smackdown.

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Cole has been the main representative for NXT against Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins, and that is not by accident. WWE trusts Cole and the rest of the Undisputed Era to hit home runs whenever given the chance to succeed. Today, we will look at some interesting facts about the group that should be known by new or even old viewers. These are 10 biggest things you need to know about the Undisputed Era.

10 3 of the 4 are former ROH Champions

The history of the Undisputed Era wrestlers featured them all having successful careers in other promotions before signing with WWE. All four would have incredible runs in Ring of Honor, and three of them reached the top of the mountain as a singles star.

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Adam Cole, Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly all would become ROH World Champions before moving to a bigger platform. Bobby Fish never won the title, but he was a highly successful Tag Team Champion during his time in Red Dragon with O’Reilly.

9 Bobby Fish is the oldest wrestler in NXT (but he doesn't show it)

NXT is often viewed as the promotion for the younger wrestlers looking to make a name before moving to the main roster. Bobby Fish, howwver, proves that age is just a number when it comes to delivering in the ring or on the microphone.

Believe it or not, Fish is currently 40 years old and is actually the oldest member of the active NXT roster. Fish would never show it when he moves around the ring with great speed. It took years' worth of experience before Fish finally broke out in ROH before moving up to NXT.

8 Adam Cole is a triple crown NXT champion

To date, only two wrestlers have become triple crown champions in the brand’s short history. The NXT Championship, NXT Tag Team Championship and NXT North American Champion are the main titles in the promotion.

Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano are the only two to accomplish it already. The road for Cole is a tad more impressive since he joined NXT well after Gargano was already a rising star. Cole has held titles in every promotion he works for as a decorated champion.

7 They are legitimate best friends

The foursome of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong have all developed a strong bond behind the scenes for many years now. All four were among the faces of ROH and frequent PWG talents working together quite consistently.

NXT forming Undisputed Era and putting them together made it easy to develop chemistry. Cole, O’Reilly and Fish found instant success as a trio with Strong eventually joining them and fitting in. They’ve even been involved in each other’s weddings, as the friendship is not an act.

6 Adam Cole and Roderick Strong had a separate faction with Eddie Edwards

The duo of Adam Cole and Roderick Strong worked together in a few promotions with a current Impact Wrestling star. Eddie Edwards, Cole and Strong all became a trio known as the Dojo Bros faction in PWG and PWX promotions.

The three wrestlers developed a friendship when working together on international tours along with the ROH and PWG success. Fans enjoyed the short run of Dojo Bros as they were all outstanding talents. Two members of the Dojo Bros get to work together every week now in Undisputed Era.

5 They won the first War Games match in WWE history

NXT’s use of War Games has made it feel normal after three years of plans for the event the night before Survivor Series. Two War Games matches will take place this year for the men and the women each having their divisions in the double ring cage match.

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Undisputed Era made history by winning the first match. The trio of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish defeated Sanity and the group of Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong. The group also took part the following year losing the second one to faces as Strong suffered another loss.

4 Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole used to be tag team partners

The first connection between the wrestlers of Undisputed Era featured a successful tag team known as Future Shock. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly signed with Ring of Honor at the same time as extremely talented prospects.

The pair would become a full-time duo having outstanding matches against the Briscoes, Kings of Wrestling, American Wolves and many others. Cole and O’Reilly became breakout stars as a duo before moving into singles action where they once again excelled.

3 They had a crossover with the Four Horsewomen

There are quite a few crossovers between the Undisputed Era and the women of the UFC Four Horsemen now in NXT. The marriage between Roderick Strong and Marina Shafer has been referenced on television a few times.

However, another connection once saw Shayna Baszler managing the duo of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Their grappling passion linked them together as Baszler helped them defeat the Young Bucks in Ring of Honor. Ronda Rousey even became fond of them when she attended PWG shows where all four performed.

2 Kyle O'Reilly overcame diabetes

Diabetes would make it impossible for many wrestlers to continue progressing in their careers. Kyle O’Reilly, however, would not let it stop him from accomplishing his dreams. An interview on Chris Jericho’s podcast featured O’Reilly revealing his story and struggle with the condition.

Kyle takes his insulin as required each day and manages everything necessary to perform in the ring. The story is quite inspiring to say the least, as this is the first major instance of a wrestler publicly discussing his battle with diabetes and still managing to make his career work.

1 Adam Cole had historic title runs in ROH and PWG

The success of Adam Cole before joining WWE essentially made him a can’t miss prospect when joining NXT. Cole has dominated every noteworthy promotion he has worked for. The two most relevant title reigns came in all-time great fashion for ROH and PWG.

Cole is still the only three-time ROH Champion as only three men have even held the title twice. ROH trusted him as the face of the company for most of his run. The PWG Championship reign of Cole broke a record making him the longest reigning champ for his one reign. Longtime fans of Cole were not surprised when he became a triple crown NXT champion.

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