Odds Are Against Enzo Amore Because Of Backstage Heat Says JBL

Not long ago, there were rumors that both Enzo Amore and Big Cass were dealing with some backstage heat and that Enzo had gone as far as to get himself kicked off a WWE tour bus by Roman Reigns for behavior deemed unacceptable. In a somewhat surprising turn of events (WWE likes to keep some of these things out of the public eye), that topic was broached on the most recent episode of WWE Network's Bring it to the Table.

Host Peter Rosenberg asked both JBL and Corey Graves what this meant for Amore and his future with the WWE. JBL responded by discussing the history of this sort of activity in the WWE, dating all the way back to when The Undertaker used to rule over the wrestler's court. Taker was the judge, JBL was the prosecuting attorney and Godfather or Kane were bailiffs. It was the locker room's way of resolving disputes with talent. JBL added if the situation was bad enough, wrestler's court wasn't an option and wrestlers became outcasts getting thrown out of dressing rooms or off buses. JBL named The Miz as a wrestler who had gone through the process of being ostracized.


Dave Meltzer first broke the news stating Amore was reportedly unhappy with being broken up from Big Cass in the storyline. Corey Graves added that Amore is his character all the time, both in front of the camera and behind it. He's vocal and wears his emotions on his sleeve. Graves admitted that it's a lot for other wrestlers to take, and while he didn't necessarily like Enzo, he hoped that the situation would get resolved because he feels Amore could be an important part of the team.

JBL then added that this situation doesn't bode well for Amore's future career. "Most of those guys - except for Miz, Miz is the only one - never made it," continued Bradshaw. "Once the locker turned against these guys - they were sprayed with human repellent or whatever - they never made it. So the odds are completely against Enzo."


Both Graves and JBL agreed that what might be best for Enzo is a fresh start as part of the Cruiserweight Division on 205 Live

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