Oh, Brother: 8 Fake WWE Siblings And 7 That Were Surprisingly Real

Oh, Brother, where art thou? If you're a WWE Superstar, the chances of you having a long lost brother may not be too low. Throughout the history of WWE, we've come to find out Mr. McMahon had a long lost son, Hornswoggle, who later turned out to be Fit Finlay's son. And recently, WWE fans were shocked by the stunning reveal of Kurt Angle's long lost son, Jason Jordan. If you're a WWE superstar, you may need to check your family tree so that there's no surprises for you down the road. However, SPOILER ALERT: these are only storylines and many times siblings or relatives in professional wrestling aren't actually related.  So, if you're saying "Oh brother, where art thou," be careful. WWE might just create one for you.

Because we have that thing called The Internet, it's not hard to find out who's related and who is not. Many times the WWE takes liberties with who's related to who for creative purposes. However, there are plenty of examples of real-life family members who have teamed up in professional wrestling.  Take the Von Erichs, for example.  Take The Hart Foundation, for example. There are plenty of second- and third-generation superstars out there as well, all following their real-life family's footsteps. However, because WWE has fooled us before, some of these "related" superstars have been scrutinized by the wrestling fan.

Now, when "brothers" debut, one has to wonder if they truly are related, or if this is some creative device.  This article is about these superstar brothers. Here we discuss 8 WWE brothers are totally fake, and 7 brothers that are surprisingly real.

15 The Bludgeon Brothers (Fake)

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Whether they are “curing moral decay” or “following the buzzards,” Harper and Rowan have been connected for most of their careers. They were family members in the Wyatt Family stable and are apparently Bludgeon “brothers” at the moment. Even after the Wyatts split, Harper and Rowan would be paired at times either as a tag team or as opponents. Despite being declared brothers and family members before that, Harper and Rowan are in no way related in real life.

The Bludgeon Brothers didn’t even meet until WWE, unlike some tag team partners who were friends before joining the company. Both Jon Huber (Luke Harper) and Joseph Ruud (Erick Rowan) are family men with a wife and children, but neither man can be found in the same family tree. Even in the Wyatt Family they were never portrayed as brothers, so why they hold the "brothers" moniker is anyone's guess.

14 Goldust And Cody Rhodes (Real)

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Goldust may be the “Bizarre One” and Cody Rhodes may be “Dashing” but both, believe it or not, are real life brothers, albeit half-brothers. For most of their careers, Cody and Goldust were kept apart in WWE, even though everyone knew both shared the same father, Dusty Rhodes. All three Rhodes family members portrayed such different characters that sometimes it can be easy to forget that they are all related in real life. Not until The Authority angle played out did WWE finally begin to acknowledge that Cody and Goldust were brothers, and commonly acknowledged that Dusty was their father.

Later when Cody debuted as "Stardust," the similarities between Goldust and the former Cody Rhodes began to appear to the hilarious dismay of Dusty. Cody’s bizarre Stardust rivaled even that of Goldust, making the brothers finally share similar characteristics on screen. However, currently, the Stardust character is retired, while Goldust is still jobbing on WWE. Cody is portraying a far less bizarre character and churning out excellent work on Ring of Honor, while Goldie is doing the same bit. Cody and Goldust couldn't be anymore different on screen, thus, making their real life siblinghood a little shocking.

13 Kane And The Undertaker (Fake)

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“That’s gotta be, that’s gotta be Kane!” said commentator, Vince McMahon. And he was right. It was Kane, long lost brother of The Undertaker, resurrected by Paul Bearer to destroy The Undertaker and his championship hopes.  Which make sense.  After all, The Undertaker burnt down their parents’ funeral home with Kane still inside. Or so the storyline goes.

Both men shared similar “powers,” mannerisms and moves, were roughly the same age and had been in the wrestling business for years. Both men were tall, had long hair and could have passed as real life brothers. They would go on to team up as The Brothers of Destruction, with WWE pushing hard that The Phenom and The Big Red Machine were siblings for years. In fact, WWE still continues to push that narrative even today. However, in real life, The Brothers of Destruction aren’t brothers or related at all. Taker's real name is Mark Calaway while Kane is Glenn Jacobs. Both are legendary veterans of WWE, but neither share the same name with anyone in the other's family.

12 The Hardy Boyz (Real)

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The Hardy Boyz came up to the WWE as The New Brood to battle the old brood, Edge and Christian. While Edge and Christian looked like they could be brothers, Matt and Jeff looked too different, making fans wonder if their relation was just for kayfabe. However, it’s true. Broken Matt referring to Jeff as Brother Nero isn’t a storyline. Jeff Hardy (whose middle name is actually Nero) is the real-life brother of Matt.

It’s only a little far-fetched to learn that the Hardy Boyz are brothers because of their separate paths in their professional careers. Matt sputtered on his own in WWE after the Hardyz split, while Jeff Hardy won the Intercontinental Title and even the World Heavyweight Title twice. When the Hardy Boyz left WWE for TNA, it would be Matt who developed his Broken Matt character and became, for the first time ever, way more over than Jeff. It seems like the Hardy brothers are never on the same level in their singles careers, but both share the same broken bloodline.

11 The Godwinns (Fake)

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The Godwinns are a lesser remembered WWE Tag Team. They didn’t spend much time in WWE and were even voted Worst Tag Team by the Wrestling Observer Newletter two years in a row. However, during their short, abysmal time in WWE, The Godwinns, Henry O. and Phineas I. Godwinn (or HOG and PIG), were able to feud with the Bodydonnas and capture the WWE Tag Team Titles twice during their careers.

Despite being originally booked as cousins and then later brothers, because those are easy to confuse, neither of The Godwinns aren’t actual brothers nor are they related to either of their managers, Hillbilly Jim or Uncle Cletus. Despite their similar hillbilly gimmicks, Henry is actually Mark Canterbury, and Phineas is Dennis Knight, sharing no bloodline whatsoever. Henry and Phineas entered WWE at different times with Henry being the first to bring in his “pig farmer” gimmick and overalls. Later Phineas would join the company and be dubbed as Henry’s “brother,” so a tag team could be formed.

10 The Wild Samoans (Real)

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Coming from the famous Anoa’i family, The Wild Samoans, Sika and Afa, are one of the most decorated tag teams in wrestling history, winning over 20 titles all over the world. Staying true to their savage wild man gimmick, Sika and Afa spoke in only a series of grunts, requiring their manager, Captain Lou Albano, to translate for them. While it’s not difficult to believe these two wild Samoans are brothers, WWE has fooled us before, especially when it came to the Anoa’i family.

3-Minute Warning debuted in WWE and many believed they were brothers. While they were related, "Rosey" and "Jamal" were not brothers but rather cousins. Many believed the Wild Samoans weren’t related at all, because of WWE's booking past. Some fans believed both could have simply been cousins if not two random Samoans booked as brothers. However, both Sika and Afa are real life siblings, known as Leati and Arthur Anoa'i (both Sr.) in real life. In fact, they are two of 13 children of the same parents, with Afa being the older brother of Sika.

9 The Dudley Boys (Fake)

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“Get The Tables!” The Dudley Boys were famous for using tables in their matches and won the WWE and World Tag Titles a total of nine times. While Bubba and D-Von are the most notable Dudleys, there are actually a collection of “family members” such as Little Spike Dudley, who all allegedly have the same father but different mothers. If this sounds too ridiculous to be true, you’re right it is.

Despite being billed as half-brothers, none of the Dudley Family members are related (thankfully) and that includes Bubba and D-Von. None of the Dudleys look alike so this should come to no surprise to wrestling fans. However, both Bubba, Mark LoMonaco, and D-Von, Devon Hughes, are extremely close friends. But if you come to think of it, after 20 years of wrestling together, they probably feel more like brothers than actual friends.

8 The Steiner Brothers (Real)

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“Let me tell you about two brothers, Rick and Scott.” The Steiner Brothers were a legendary tag team and highly decorated in WCW and in WWE. While sometimes WWE likes to book tag teams as two brothers for promotional and booking reasons, Rick and Scott Steiner are in fact siblings, despite looking nothing alike and having their careers taken in different directions.

Even before Rick became the “Dog-faced Gremlin” and Scott became the “Genetic Freak,” Scott and Rick bore almost no resemblance to each other. Scott was the muscular, suplexing machine, while Rick was the doughier fan favorite who barked. When Scott became Big Poppa Pump and bleached his hair, he resembled his brother even less. Even worse for Rick, Scott Steiner’s career would boom while Rick never left the mid-card. Still, despite both brothers being vastly different in appearance and success in careers, the story of two brothers actually being real life brothers holds up.

7 The Major Brothers (Fake)

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While the Steiner Brothers prove that actual brothers do sometimes tag up in professional wrestling, The Major Brothers show that sometimes WWE takes liberties with the “brother” title. Brett and Brian Major signed to WWE to wrestle as the tag team known as The Major Brothers. Both looked alike with similar hair styles, and later formed a stable with Edge, making them almost indistinguishable. Although they debuted in WWE as brothers and had been portrayed as brothers in the WWE’s developmental department, eventually the Major Brothers were repackaged, and the “brothers” link was dropped altogether.

Brian Majors became Curt Hawkins and Brett Majors became Zack Ryder, losing their old surname completely. Clearly, they are not related in real life, despite being close friends and native New Yorkers, and their repackaging ended any association as brothers and eventually their tag team association as well. Both would move on to singles careers, and their debut as the Major Brothers is largely forgotten.

6 The Singh Brothers (Real)

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Professional wrestling has a history of pairing superstars up as family members or brothers even when they’re not related in any way, just because they share an ethic background. For example, WWE tried to claim The Great Khali and his manager/translator, Ranjin Singh were siblings (they’re not) just because they shared Indian ancestry. Scrutinizing the Singh Brothers as real brothers isn’t unwarranted, but the fact is, both Sunil and Samir Singh are real life brothers named Gurvinder “Gurv” Sihra and Harvinder “Harv” Sihra.

The Singh Brothers have been wrestling on Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA and Global Force Wrestling as the Bollywood Boyz. They joined NXT and eventually got called up to SmackDown to help Jinder Mahal. Now, with their association with Jinder apparently concluded, these real-life brothers can put their jobbing aside and move up in the tag team division.

5 Edge And Christian (Fake)

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Edge and Christian were a legendary tag team in WWE. Their feuds with the Hardy Boyz and Dudley’s “totally reeked of awesomeness.” Together, Edge and Christian would win the WWE Tag Team Titles seven times and have successful singles careers. Edge, who’s already in the WWE Hall of Fame, is an 11-time World Champion while Christian holds two World Title reigns himself. Both Edge and Christian came up into the WWE as brothers in the stable, The Brood. However, brothers they are not.

Though both Edge and Christian are long time friends, Adam “Edge” Copeland and Jay “Christian” Reso had the same look when they came to WWE, with similar ring attires and long blonde hair.  However, neither aren’t related in the slightest. They are both childhood friends, and they remain close and still work together today on the WWE Network.

4 The Harris Brothers (Real)

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Wrestling for WCW, ECW, TNA and WWE, the Harris Brothers wrestled under various names and gimmicks. The 6’5” giants didn’t have much success in WWE, but they were able to capture the WCW Tag Team Titles three times. Clearly, professional wrestling promotions aren’t above shaving someone's head bald just to make them appear like they could be someone else's "brother," but in this case, making the Harris Brothers look identical wasn’t necessary.

The Harris Brothers, Don and Ron Harris, are not only real-life brothers (using their real names), they are also identical twins. The twins had one career in mind which was professional wrestling, having started in 1987 as a tag team, and remained a tag team throughout their wrestling careers. Well before The Bella Twins, they were innovators of “twin magic” and used their power to dominate the tag division for almost 20 years.

3 The Basham Brothers (Fake)

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The Basham brothers got their start in professional wrestling as the team team of Doug Basham and Damaja. They had a decent reign in OVW before moving up to SmackDown. Now, if Basham sounds like a fake name, you would be wrong. Basham is actually Lyle Douglas “Doug” Basham’s real surname. However, Damaja, who was renamed as Danny Basham, has surprisingly no relation to Doug in any way. Damaja was born Daniel Hollie, and to be fair, he looks strikingly similar to his "brother," despite having no relation. WWE's booking them as The Basham Brothers makes sense, is believable (in this case) and helps market them a little easier.

With their bald heads, similar looking features and physiques, WWE promoted Doug and Danny as the “Basham” Brothers, and both made their debut on SmackDown in 2003.  The Bashams were eventually joined by their valet, Shaniqua and actually had a decent run in WWE, having won the WWE Tag Team Titles twice.

2 Gymini (Real)

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If you forgot or never heard of Gymini, don’t feel bad. Gymini had a poor showing on WWE programming, rarely even seen on SmackDown, and spent most of their time floating around in WWE’s developmental territory at the time, Deep South Wrestling. They did win the DSW Tag Team Titles but were released from WWE, while champions, and thus vacated the titles just to show everyone how much they thought of them.

Gymini were only referred individually as #1 and #2 before being given actual names, Jake and Jesse. Arguably, Gymini had a better career in the indies than in WWE, debuting there as a tag team, originally known as the Shane Twins, Mike and Todd Shane (their real names). The Shane Twins won tag titles, and both actually won singles titles as well. Unlike The Basham Brothers, who weren't brothers at all, Gymini were not only brothers, but actual identical twins, making both Gymini and The Shane Twins appropriate aliases for the duo.

1 The Andersons (Fake)

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There are many members of the Anderson family: Lars, Gene, Ole and Arn, who have a long history in professional wrestling, dating back even before the Four Horsemen. Lars and Gene Anderson formed the tag team, The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, which dominated the NWA in the 70s, and would bring in Ole Anderson to strengthen the stable. Ole would reform the group in 1985, when paired with Arn Anderson, before joining The Four Horsemen.

Despite there being four Andersons in professional wrestling during that time, in real life none of them were actually related in any way. In fact, Gene is the only one that legitimately bears the Anderson name. All four "Andersons" dominated wrestling and carried themselves with a no-nonsense wrestling style. They shared a similar look and attitude, which made the facade of their family relation all the more believable.

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