Okada Pictured With Finn Balor While Wearing Balor Club Jacket

Okada dropped by to see his old friend Finn Balor while visiting the United States for their New Japan show, and The Demon had a gift for him when he showed up.

This past weekend New Japan Pro Wrestling staged some landmark shows in Los Angeles. Turns out the stars of the promotion didn’t head straight home after the weekend, and IWGP Champion Okada decided to take a trip to Phoenix and pay a visit to Finn Balor on Raw. That news alone would have been enough to break the internet, but the former Universal Champion saw an opportunity to go one further.

When Okada showed up to visit Finn - and I’m sure a few other NJPW alumni that he’s shared a locker room with - Balor put his bright idea into practice. Mere evidence of the two of them in the same room together would have been enough, but instead Finn handed his signature leather jacket over to Okada to wear and pose in for the photograph. The grumpy look on Balor’s face may suggest that Okada took it from him, but we all know that look was just for show.

Balor posted the photo on his Twitter account on Tuesday evening along with a caption welcoming Okada to ‘The Club’. While it was pretty plain to see that the photo was likely taken back stage at Raw due to the fact that Finn is in his ring gear, any doubt you may have had about that was cleared up by PWInsider’s Mike Johnson. Johnson commented on Okada’s visit on The Ross Report, Jim Ross’s weekly podcast, saying that Okada had made the trip to Phoenix from LA with the intention of seeing Balor.

Ever since Finn Balor was joined in WWE by AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson there have been rumors that some combination of those four would rekindle their friendships and form a WWE version of the Bullet Club. The fact that Okada, the biggest star in NJPW today, which created and currently houses the Bullet Club, dropped by Raw in this way will only add fuel to those flames. Okada may not be a Bullet Club member, but the mere thought of him joining forces with Finn in WWE will have most hardcore wrestling fans' mouths watering.


While the thought of Okada in a WWE ring is an exciting one, his presence back stage at Raw is unfortunately not a sign that he’ll be moving state side any time soon. Vince McMahon has poached a lot of NJPW’s talent lately, but their champion is not a name that he’ll be able to add to his roster any time soon. We can still dream about him teaming with Finn and tearing through the Raw roster though.

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