Old AF: 15 Pictures Of The Undertaker Looking Ready To Meet The Reaper

The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the all-time WWE greats, and he's a future first ballot Hall Of Famer whenever the company decides to induct The Undertaker into it. He's had a long and illustrious pro-wrestling career like few others, and 'Taker has been the traditional draw for every WrestleMania pay-per-view since 'Mania VII. However, like all good things, they eventually do come to an end, and that's exactly what we witnessed this past WrestleMania. The Undertaker put over Roman Reigns in what looks to be his final 'Mania match, as he left his wrestling gear in the ring which basically signified 'Taker's retirement.

Now we all know that Undertaker has been working on a special appearance basis for nearly a decade now, as he's definitely no "young buck." I think we can all admit that 'Taker's performances on the Grandest Stage Of Them All the past few years have been pretty mediocre at best considering his age and his continuing downgrade of mobility in the ring.

Regardless, Vince has kept on giving us The Undertaker each year despite 'Taker entering his early 50's and having various health related issues. Although I'm sure Mr. McMahon would love nothing more that to give us more Undertaker for the next five years if he could, unfortunately, The Undertaker's age and his worn out body are catching up with him, and his in-ring years are now behind him.

Pro-wrestling is no easy job on the body as it constantly wears it down, and although 'Taker hasn't been working a full-time wrestling schedule for many years, his body continues to wear down from the countless years spent wrestling full-time prior to transitioning into his part-time schedule. As you would expect, 'Taker definitely looks his age (actually quite a bit older) as a result. Stay tuned, as this list divulge 15 pictures of The Undertaker looking like he's legitimately ready to meet the reaper!

15  15. The Undertaker On Crutches

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This photo of The Undertaker on crutches was taken back in October of 2016, and it was all the buzz in the wrestling community for quite some time considering he looked very fragile (and thus not ring ready). It's a known fact that The Undertaker has been suffering from hip problems the past couple years, and he's now requiring hip replacement surgery which 'Taker will now get very soon considering it seems as though he retired this year after putting over Roman Reigns.

However, I really wouldn't be surprised at all if Vince McMahon begs The Undertaker to return at next years WrestleMania, and if not as an in-ring competitor, at least as a special appearance guest. It wouldn't seem like "WrestleMania" without 'Taker, so I'm sure he'll still be involved at 'Mania in whatever capacity he can handle moving forward. Regardless, 'Taker looked like he was on his way to meet the reaper in this photo, that's for sure!

14  14. 'Taker With His Wife Michelle McCool

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What's the first thought that comes to your mind when you take a good look at this Undertaker picture? For me, that one thought is damn, The Undertaker definitely looks like an old fella. In all honesty, it's not as if 'Taker's young or anything, as he's already into his early 50s now, but even then, he still looks quite a bit older (and much more rickety) for his age. If I hadn't known The Undertaker was 52, judging by this photo, I would've assumed he was at least 60 years old.

Pro-wrestling definitely does catch up with the Superstars eventually regardless of how well they take care of themselves due to their absolutely grueling schedules (and the job itself) and as a result, many wrestlers look more run-down and just downright older than they actually are. Yes, 'Taker has been working a part-time schedule for the past decade or so, but prior to that, he was every bit a full-timer as he put his body on the line for our entertainment almost every night.

13 Unflattering Convenience Store Picture

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I'm almost certain that The Undertaker wasn't pleased at all after taking a look at this very unflattering picture of himself at a convenience store. Although I had mentioned in a previous photo entry that 'Taker looked around 60, in this picture, The Undertaker looks like he's already entered his 70s. I'll make the statement and say that 'Taker has definitely not aged the greatest in terms of appearance (or even in health).

However, The Undertaker was always a bit of a plain and "pale" looking person even in his childhood years, so that definitely doesn't help his appearance now. As we all know, The Undertaker wore quite a bit of color on television, so when we see him without all of his makeup on, it's quite shocking in itself. Of course he's not a lady, but when we see someone who's plain and makeup-less when they're usually all colored up, it most certainly is a very noticeable difference.

12 The Undertaker In a Pinocchio T-Shirt

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Not only does The Undertaker look like he's nearing his time to meet the reaper in this picture, but his outdated and just simply hideous Pinocchio t-shirt is the "icing on the cake" so to speak. I'm not sure who convinced the bad-ass known as The Undertaker it was a good idea to wear a Disney Pinocchio shirt, but if he was the one who did, it was a bad choice. Kayfabe isn't what it used to be in pro-wrestling, but wearing a damn Disney t-shirt of all things is a far cry compared to his Death Valley residing Phenom character in the WWE.

Besides that, it's becoming quite apparent that The Undertaker is continuously losing his muscle mass (as you can see by looking at his arms in this photo and others included on the list) and although one loses muscle mass with age, I think that process is occurring at a much more rapid rate considering The Undertaker's various health problems and limitations in the gym due to his bad hips.

11 The Undertaker's Old Man Chair Pose

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Out of all the photos of The Undertaker looking like he's ready to meet the reaper, this one has to be the worst by far. 'Taker is pictured here sitting on a chair looking A) pretty miserable, and B) very old and worn out. When this photo was released to the public, fans started losing their minds at just how bad The Undertaker's been holding up, and although it's fairly greedy, the first thing that came to a fans mind after viewing the picture is "damn, do you think 'Taker will be at this year's WrestleMania?"

I really don't believe 'Taker was appreciated for just how devoted he was to the WWE and it's flagship pay-per-view, WrestleMania. Regardless of his deteriorating body and getting up there in age, The Undertaker continued to put his body on the line for the company he was so loyal to for decades, and he tried his absolute best to put on great 'Mania matches. Regardless, The Deadman looked bloody terrible here in this picture, and it sent shock-waves through the WWE Universe as a result.

10 'Taker Looking Like These Ladies Grandpa

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Although these ladies are probably The Undertaker's friends (or fans), they look as if they could potentially be 'Taker's grandchildren if we didn't know any better. Over the past couple of years, The Undertaker's has definitely started to "let himself go," and he's starting to look pretty out of shape (his in-ring career coming to an end signals less grueling workout routines now and in the future for 'Taker).

After looking at some of the pictures of The Undertaker without his heavy makeup and black-dyed beard/hair, he just looks very average at best for his age (slightly below average in all honesty). While on WWE television, despite progressively becoming more noticeably out of shape, 'Taker still looked like a beastly monster when he was fully made-up. He resembled The Undertaker from years ago, but once that said makeup and hair-dye is removed, there's no doubt that he looks "washed up" and ready to meet the reaper.

9 Recent Undertaker Photo With Michelle McCool

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Here we have a recent photo of The Undertaker with his wife Michelle McCool and I'm guessing either a friend or Michelle's father. Regardless, 'Taker almost looked like a completely different person. After viewing the photo, I'm sure you noticed The Undertaker's apparent shrinking arms and his expanding belly. Although we all love The Undertaker and respect him for what he has contributed to the business, there's no doubt that the past couple WrestleMania's have been taxing on 'Taker and if we're going to be blunt here, his matches were slightly painful to watch.

When I watched Undertaker's recent 'Mania matches, I saw someone the WWE was trying to convince us was the same guy from 10 or 15 years ago which was obviously not the case. Although the WWE (namely Vinnie Mac) would like to convince us that The Phenom will never die and could wrestle forever, that's far from being the case as the guy portraying The Undertaker character (Mark Calaway) is in fact a human and he ages just like the rest of us which is very apparent after viewing this photo.

8 A 52 Year Old 'Taker Looking A Tad (Or A Lot) Out Of Shape

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As I'm sure you all are well aware of, The Undertaker returned this year to take part in the 2017 extremely hyped up Royal Rumble match which over-advertised the inclusions of the likes of Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and 'Taker being involved in the WrestleMania main event qualifying battle royal. After taking a look at this picture of The Undertaker and Goldberg starring at each other prior to throwing some blows, it's painfully clear that 'Taker was extremely out of shape heading into this match (take a look at that gut). As well, despite this year's Royal Rumble being hyped up to the point of no return, it was a huge disappointment and there's no denying it.

Braun Strowman was eliminated early, Brock Lesnar was eliminate like a b--ch early on by Goldberg, Goldberg was eliminated super quickly, Roman Reigns eliminated 'Taker, and irrelevant Randy Orton won the whole thing. Yes, the fans popped when Orton was declared the winner, but that's just because the other Rumble winner candidate was Roman Reigns, and it's the "anyone but you Roman" mentality that many fans have, so obviously the fans cheered when Reigns was thrown over the top rope.

7 The Undertaker's Widening Gut

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This extraordinarily revealing picture of The Undertaker showcases his very noticeably widening belly/gut while making his signature entrance at what I believe to be a live event of some sort. This photo must've been taken a couple years ago as he was bald here, and since this photo, The Undertaker has trimmed down some (although he's still noticeably out of shape). Comparing The phenom with his kayfabe brother Kane, I'd say that Kane has kept in much better shape than The Undertaker.

Sure, Kane's not nearly as mobile in the ring as he used to be, but his appearance is much more impressive than 'Taker's (not to mention Kane's been working a grueling schedule up until last year). Kane's only two years younger than The Undertaker, but if I hadn't known their ages, I would've assumed that Kane was perhaps in his mid 40's, where as 'Taker in his mid 60's. All that aside, this picture of 'Taker shows him looking like he's more than ready to meet the reaper versus beat up his opponent.

6 'Taker Posing With A Fan

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Here we have an Undertaker picture taken with one of his plethora of fans, and it looks to have been taken a couple years ago (when he was bald or with very short hair). Now don't  get me wrong, 'Taker still had pretty decent sized arms here (especially compared to the fan), but let's take a quick minute to take in The Undertaker's gut. I think it's pretty clear that we all know "guts" start to form when we reach a certain age, but there's absolutely no reason why we would want to show it off.

One of the key contributors to how old someone looks is by their appearance and the way they dress. For whatever reason, 'Taker decided to tuck in his shirt nice and tightly into his pants to really showcase his big belly. Although having ones shirt tucked in used to be (and still is to some degree) a way of showing you're groomed and proper, I doubt a single person would say that having ones shirt tucked in when you have a big old gut is a flattering look. The Undertaker looks an extra 5 years older from this questionable fashion decision alone. Regardless, 'Taker certainly looked like a "retiree" in the truest sense of the word here.

5 The Undertaker Rocking A Green T-Shirt

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This photo of The Undertaker summarizes what "The Phenom" looks like without his heavy eyeliner and makeup, very plain. Yes, without his manly beauty products, Undertaker looks like just another average dude (okay not really since he towers over everybody at his impressive 7 foot height). That aside, if you hadn't known The Undertaker was 52 years old, how old would've you assumed the man pictured above is? For me, judging solely on the photo above, I would have guessed the man to be 65 years old.

What's sort of interesting is that the majority of unflattering reaper-ready pictures of The Undertaker were taken when he was in his "sans hair" stage a couple years ago. Sure 'Taker has some obviously hideous pictures taken recently exposing his belly, but the majority of the photos of Undertaker looking 80 years old were taken a couple years ago. I think 'Taker has stepped up his workout routine (as well as watching what he eats) over the past while, because he has been looking quite a bit better compared to even two years ago.

4 Looking Out Of Breath After Suffering Lesnar Defeat

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I think the absolute worst The Undertaker has ever looked at a WrestleMania event was at 'Mania X which pitted 'Taker against "The Beast" Brock Lesnar in what has become iconic as the last time The Undertaker walked into a WrestleMania match undefeated. Yes, Undertaker lost the streak to Brock Lesnar much to the dismay of the fans in attendance and worldwide. Although that was extremely shocking in itself, now that we've come to accept it (or just get past it), what was even more surprising is how bad of shape The Undertaker was throughout the match.

I don't this The Phenom's training leading into this huge match was enough, as he was pretty well gassed out after just a few minutes and he could barely stand up. Once 'Taker was defeated by Lesnar, The Undertaker just sat in the ring and not for the reasons us fans expected. I'd say most of us assumed he was just sitting and unable to get up because he was selling for Lesnar's beating as well as to soak in his (at the time we thought) last 'Mania match. However in reality, The Undertaker was suffering from a neck injury and a concussion. He definitely looked ready to meet the reaper after that loss, that's for damn sure!

3 Yet Another Unflattering Undertaker Fan Photo

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Quite hysterically, with each passing reaper-ready Undertaker picture, The Deadman seems to continuously look older and more out of shape as we get closer to the bottom of this list. Here we have a photo of The Undertaker posing with a fan in an army colored LT Cavalier's shirt. As usual, this unflattering photo was taken while 'Taker was sans hair a couple years ago.

The striped army shirt didn't make his gut look quite as noticeable (it sort of blended in funny enough), but his face looked very much like an older man than he was. Seeing this photo was from a while ago, there's a good possibility that 'Taker hadn't even entered his 50's yet, so he most definitely looked much older than he actually was. What's even more shocking, is the fact that The Undertaker was using a cane (bottom left of picture) which further adds to the "old man" and "ready to meet the reaper" aura.

2 The Undertaker Looking Nearly 70 Years Old

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Let's say I titled this picture "John posing with his friend," would you even be able to recognize that this man is The Undertaker? Sure, you probably would after looking at it for a few seconds, but at first? I seriously doubt it. I must say, if there's one positive thing that could potentially come out of looking like a completely different person, it's the fact that The Undertaker has a great disguise and he doesn't even have to do a damn thing. No wigs, no makeup, no sun glasses.

All 'Taker needs to do to look like an average 7 footer is put on a long sleeve shirt to cover up his widely-recognized tattoos and grow out his snow white beard a little bit and "poof!" you have yourself a great disguise! Jokes aside, The Undertaker definitely looked ready to meet the reaper in this picture, and it's once again another example of 'Taker looking 70 versus 52. We all still love you 'Taker for all that you've done for the WWE though!

1 'Taker Looking Like A Fresh Retiree

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"Hey kids, great grandpa 'Taker called and he said he wanted to take you guys to his retirement home, what do you think?" Now I'm sure you can tell that was completely humor because these two young ladies were just fans of The Undertaker, but he could've seriously been mistaken for being their great grandpa. After reviewing the pictures I've included on this top 15 list, the main thing that I've noticed is the fact that 'Taker looks a heck of a lot better now a days versus just a few years ago.

I'm not sure if 'Taker stepped up his workout routine or changed his diet, but whatever you're doing Undertaker, it's working so keep at it! Now that The Undertaker has retired unofficially from pro-wrestling (although it wouldn't surprise me if he came out of retirement down the line), The Phenom can now go ahead and get his much needed hip replacement surgery. He has been holding off this surgery for many years now, so it's high time Undertaker goes and gets the treatment he requires.

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