The 10 Oldest Current WWE Wrestlers


Wrestling is a really fun sport, so it’s easy to see why many people want to do it professionally. Also, professional wrestling seems to be something people of all ages like to do.

In fact, there are quite a few WWE wrestlers who entered the company really young. As a matter of fact, WWE legends such as Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, among others, won their first world titles when they were still pretty young. However, there are also a lot of wrestlers who have enjoyed their careers so much that they choose to keep going, even when they could have retired.

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10 The Undertaker

There are some wrestlers who automatically come to mind when someone mentions the WWE, and one of them is The Undertaker. That’s because his career has been nothing less than legendary, and he’s one of the most brilliant wrestlers in history.

The Undertaker, also known as Mark William Calaway, was born in March of 1965. The 54-year-old athlete has certainly made a name for himself in the WWE. There are plenty of legendary wrestlers, but there aren’t many who have made their mark on the sport quite like The Undertaker.

9 Triple H

Some wrestlers are pretty awesome, but there are very few who are considered to be WWE royalty, which is the case for WWE Superstar Triple H. This athlete’s real name is Paul Michael Levesque, and he was born July 27, 1969.

The Game has had a career that most wrestlers can only dream about, and it doesn’t look like he plans on ending it any time soon. Apparently, he really enjoys what he does. This is one wrestler who has been involved in some incredibly epic matches. He’s faced legends The Rock, The Undertaker, as well as Batista.

8 R-Truth

There are some WWE Superstars who actually have talents outside of wrestling. In 47-year-old R-Truth’s case, his extra talent is rapping.

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It is hard for anyone to predict what this guy will do next. The only thing anyone knows for certain when it comes to R-Truth is that we should expect the unexpected. No one should ever count him out.

7 Rey Mysterio

Some professional wrestlers that are on the current WWE roster are very tall, which only makes them more intimidating when they’re in the ring. But in all honesty, there are also WWE Superstars who have proven that size (along with age) doesn’t always matter that much.

One of them is Rey Mysterio, who is 44-years-old. The athlete stands at five feet and six inches tall, and he doesn’t weigh much, either. With over two decades in the squared circle, it will be quite a moment when Mysterio decides to hang up his mask once and for all.

6 Shelton Benjamin

At 43-years-old, wrestler Shelton Benjamin is definitely one of the oldest wrestlers on the current roster. But, considering the fact that he has basically been beating the odds all of his life, that is not terribly surprising.

Shelton’s story is quite different from anyone else’s. He grew up in a rough area, but he made the best of his situation. Anyone who can be roommates with Brock Lesnar has to know a thing or two about living tough after all.

5 John Cena

The definitive face of WWE from 2005 to about 2014, John Cena is a man who needs zero introduction to anyone in or outside of wrestling.

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Additionally, he is also a New York Times best-selling author. But despite being involved in a lot of other things, plus being 41-years-old, Cena still seems to have a passion for wrestling, much to the delight of (most) fans he has from all around the world.

4 A.J. Styles

Confidence is key when it comes to success. Also, when one thinks about confident wresters, one of the people that definitely comes to mind is WWE Superstar A.J. Styles.

While Styles isn’t as young as some of his fellow WWE Superstars, he is another one that has proven age is simply a number when it comes to skillful wrestling. Styles debuted in the WWE in the 2016 Royal Rumble Match and has proven his success in smaller promotions like TNA was no fluke.

3 Sheamus

Sheamus certainly has a very distinct look that also sets him apart from everyone else. Something that also sets apart from most wrestlers on WWE's roster is his age.

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At 41-years-old, Sheamus is not exactly as young as some of the people that are entering the world of wrestling these days. With some pretty awful injuries hanging over his head at all times, it's likely that he doesn't have much time left in wrestling. For what it's worth, he's had a better career than anyone thought possible.

2 Mickie James

While there are a lot of really talented men in the WWE, there are also some influential women as well. Mickie James, who is 39-years-old, is one of them. These days, James is known as one of the best female WWE Superstars in the history of the sport. While her current WWE run has been unremarkable, it's still incredible she's competing in the biggest wrestling company at the age of 39.

Fans hold out hope that perhaps James will have one last big feud before the curtains go up on her career but even if she doesn't, she can retire with her head held high.

1 Shinsuke Nakamura

It is hard to imagine that this legend from Japan would have one day shared the ring with names like John Cena and Randy Orton. However, that is exactly what 39-year-old Shinsuke Nakamura has done, and that was still while he was fairly new to the WWE.

At his age and with the brutal career he's had in Japan, it's a wonder how much time he has left in WWE. While his WWE career has been mixed at best, we should probably be grateful that it happened at all.

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