On The Open Road: 15 Wrestling Road Stories You've Probably Never Heard

The pro wrestling business is all about telling stories. Everything that takes place in front of an audience should tell a story. It's not just about exhanging moves in matches and words in promos. Everything has to mean something. While wrestling fails to deliver in that aspect sometimes, stories from the road never disappoint.

There are countless funny, disturbing or downright bizarre stories from the the wrestling world. It's only natural. After all, when you're in a business where you have to travel close to 300 days a year, you're going to get a lifetime worth of stories in one year alone.

While we've seen colorful characters on screen, many wrestlers' real life personalities are more intrguing, which is how all these stories come up.

It's impossible to do a list of all the documented road stories in wrestling and it's impossible not to leave any out. Here, we've narrowed it down to 15 stories you have not heard before. We'll also try to keep them relatively concise, as there's so much to all of these stories. If you feel we missed an important one, feel free to let us know in the comments below. Here are just 15 of countless stories from the open road.

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15 The Deadman's Vices

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Given that The Undertaker is viewed as the ultimate locker room leader in the history of the business, you would assume he was all business, all the time, right? Well, you'd be wrong to assume that. Even the level-headed 'Taker loved to unwind after a tough day at the office and on the road.

As the WWE was in a family friendly era in the mid 90s, Vince McMahon once made it a new rule that wrestlers couldn't hang out at strip clubs. A short while later, Kevin Nash found the WWE's locker room leader in one.

“I walk into a strip club. I think we’re in Philadelphia. I look around, there’s none of the boys, I’m like ‘alright, I’m cool’. So I go and get up in a corner, my eyes adjust to the room. I look over; I see this big guy in a black leather coat…I look and he just goes (waves). I walked over and sat down next to him and said ‘well, nice to see you listened’. He said, ‘nice to see you listened too’.”

14 Vince McMahon's Epic Night Before Drug Testing

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Vince McMahon has always loved to envision himself as one of the boys. Back in the day, Vince used to regularly go out with his wrestlers and have an awesome time. However in 1992, a major steroid scandal hit the WWE and the company was about to implement a strict drug policy.

Before the company went forward with it, Vince figured he'd have one last blowoff with the boys. One night in San Antonio, Vince stumbled into a strip club where his wrestlers were partying and was quite inebriated.

While many of us have heard the story of Vince taking The Hart Foundation's finishing move in the bar, not many remember what happened after.

The wrestlers kept the party going at a local hotel and broke into Ric Flair's room. While in the room, Vince decided to relieve himself on The Nature Boy's bed. Either it was a prank, or Vince really had to go.

13 Dr. Death And Rick Steiner Save People From Burning Car

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We're not really painting the best picture of pro wrestlers on the road, right? Well, it's not all about raising hell. Once in a while, you'll hear a very heartwarming story though and this is one of them.

On this road trip, Dr. Death Steve Williams and Rick Steiner were making a routine drive to the next town. On their route, they saw a car turned upsidedown on the side of the road in flames. Without hesitation, Steiner and Williams got out of the car and ran over to the burning vehicule. They ripped a car door off and pulled out the survivors from the wreckage. They then pulled the passengers away from the car before the car exploded. They risked their own lives to help strangers in need and showed that wrestlers can have big hearts too.

12 Jim Duggan And The Iron Sheik Get Busted

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Here were two wrestlers with opposite gimmicks in an era of kayfabe. While Hacksaw Jim Duggan was parading old glory to the ring, The Iron Sheik was the classic anti-American villain. These were days when wrestlers had to stay in character all the time, so when Sheik and Duggan were riding together and got pulled over, both were worried about kayfabe being broken. That was the least of their concerns.

It turned out both Hacksaw and Sheik had marijuana in the car, but that wasn't the worst of it. Sheik was also in possession of cocaine, without Hacksaw knowing. there. Needless to say, this situation didn't go over well with the WWE. Duggan believes that this incident derailed his WWE career.

"I don't think I ever regained the momentum I would have had before the arrest with the Iron Sheik," he said. "I think I was on the fast track [before the arrest]. I think I would have been World Champion, Intercontinental, or Tag Team Champion. I never regained the momentum.

11 Sting And The Steiner Brothers Challenge The Wrong People

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This story gives you the reason Paul Heyman is still not allowed to rent a car in North Carolina.

Sting and the Steiner brothers often traveled together and loved playing tricks on fellow wrestlers. On this road trip though, they chose a bad target. Rick Steiner would regularly stick his body out of a car window and open fellow wrestlers' doors to scare them. When he did this to Heyman, Samu and Fatu, he picked the wrong car to mess with. Heyman and The Samoans locked the doors, and when they did this, the Steiners began throwing food and anything else they had at the car.

The Samoan Swat Team retailiated. They stopped to load up on food and anything they could find to throw at the Steiners. They also cut their hands and wrote SST in blood on the hood of their car. It was a full out war on the road.

After the incident, Heyman's car was deemed totalled.

10 Andre The Giant Teaches The Blackjacks A Lesson

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Andre The Giant loved playing pranks and having a good time on the road, but on this occasion, The Blackjacks went too far with the giant. After Andre drank around 60 beers (a routine night for the big man) Blackjack Mulligan and Murdoch began play fighting with Andre. I know, that's a dangerous game.

While play fighting, one of them hit Andre a little too hard and the giant retaliated. Uh-oh... Without hesitation, Andre picked both Blackjacks up and carried them to a nearby beach. He began holding them underwater. It undoubtedly had to be the scariest moment of their lives, but they had a knight in shining armor. Ric Flair was present and convinced Andre to let The Blackjacks go. Wow, even under durress, Flair can cut a great promo.

9 Hardcore Holly Gets Stranded At The Airport

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Hardcore Holly was never known for having a sense of humor, so this happened to just about the last person you would want. Mick Foley always tried to arrange splitting costs with fellow wrestlers to save money on road trips. He and Al Snow talked Holly into sharing a car with them. Foley and Snow wanted to stop at a local carnival before taking the trip to Houston. Holly reluctantly agreed to drop his rental car off at the airport so Snow and Foley could pick him up.

There was one problem; Foley thought they were meeting at the carnival, and as a result, Holly was stranded for several hours at the airport. Holly eventually had to rent his own car again to make the show in Houston.

8 Mick Foley Gets Stranded On The Beach

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Being stranded at an airport is nothing to Foley. That's because he knows what it's like to be stranded in the wrong area. One day, Foley was hanging out with Steve Austin and William Regal at a beach. Foley decided to go bodysurfing while Austin and Regal would take in the sights and sounds of the beach. Unfortunately, when Foley returned from bodysurfing, he noticed Austin and Regal had left him alone, hanging out across the street by the pool instead. Why would his friends do this, Foley asked.

Foley took a look around and noticed a lack of females on the beach. Foley then realized he had been stranded by Austin and Regal alone on a gay beach. Thankfully, the Micker is comfortable with his sexuality.

7 Trish Stratus Is Mistaken For Britney Spears

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Trish Stratus and Britney Spears were two of the most desireable women of their time, so you can't fault people for mistaking them, right? Well, on this particular day, Trish Stratus was the beneficiary of this mixup.

One day, Trish was sitting alone in an airport and security came up and asked if she needed anything. When Trish said she was okay, the security guards asked her how long she had to wait for her flight. When Trish said she had an hour, security took her to a private room. For the next hour Trish was treated to any snack or refreshment she wanted while waiting for her flight.

Trish was thinking that perhaps she was getting this special treatment because of her newfound fame in WWE. When the time came for her flight, she thanked the security for their hospitality. They replied:

“You’re very welcome, it’s our pleasure,” they said. “We’re huge fans of yours, Ms. Spears.

6 Edge & Christian's Journey On The Canadian Death Tour

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Edge and Christian had to pay their dues in the frigid temperatures of upper Canada before settling in the States. As many Canadian wrestlers had to do, they had to undergo the Canadian "Death Tour" for promoter Tony Condello. After doing a show in northern Manitoba, the young duo, along with several other wrestlers including a young Rhyno decided to make the drive in the middle of the night back to Winnipeg.

On their way back, they came across a frozen lake with no bridge and had to make the choice of whether to turn back or risk driving on the frozen lake in -50 degree temperature. The van hit a gaping hole in the middle of the lake. The wrestlers were thankfully able to escape the van before it sank and got out alive.

5 John Cena's Rap Gimmick Is Born On A Bus

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While fans first saw Cena's rap gimmick on WWE television on a Halloween episode of SmackDown, the idea came from a tour bus. While on a European tour, the SmackDown roster was on their way to the airport, ready to go home after a long, grueling tour. Celebrating a job well done, the wrestlers decided to have fun on the bus and just began freestyling. The usual suspects pulled out some good rhymes, but all of a sudden the vanilla rookie named John Cena started killing it, rhyming non-stop.

"Now, we ended up having a lot of guys in the back of the bus who all like hip-hop, guys like Rikishi, Rey Mysterio, and Chuck Palumbo. We all just started rhyming. It got to be my turn and, man, I must have freestyled for like five or ten minutes straight. It was just flowin’. Little did I know that in the front of the bus was half of the creative team who heard it and said, “We gotta do something with this.”

4 Kane Rushes To His Hotel

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While fans only see a wrestling television show from the moment it airs to when it ends, TV days are exhausting for wrestlers, who show up at the arena in the early afternoon. One day at a RAW taping, Kane was exhausted and when his last segment ended, he decided to rush out of the building to beat the post-show traffic. Kane didn't bother showering and just threw on some of his workout clothes.

When Kane got into his car, he realized he still had his makeup on. He got a lot of weird looks when he got to the hotel lobby. "Between my hair and the eyeliner I was still wearing, I basically looked like the world’s largest transvestite."

Kane rushed up to his room and plopped all his stuff down. He then noticed an old couple sitting on the bed. Needless, to say, the sight of Kane in makeup standing in front of them in the dark was terrifying.

"I think they saw their life flash in front of their eyes at that moment, and I can’t say I blame them. Think about it, if you can imagine a seven-foot, three-hundred-pound guy, wearing mascara, slamming your door open … that’s a pretty scary sight.”

3 The Hardys And Headbangers Go Rail Sliding

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The Hardy Boyz have always been known to live life on the edge and they literally did that while riding with another tag team, The Headbangers. While driving on an exit, Matt lost control of the car and the wheels began riding on the edge of the road. The car was on two wheels for a while and it looked like the car was going to flip off the road.

Matt recalled the story of everyone freaking out while Jeff remained calm. "One of the Headbangers started yelling, “Oh my God, we’re gonna die!” Now Jeff, being the person he is, just reached up from the back, put his hand on my shoulder and as calm as can be said, “Hold it steady now, Matt.”

Of course Jeff was the calm one. A car flipping off the road is nothing compared to a Swanton Bomb off a ladder, right?

2 The Iron Sheik Pulls A Fast One On Brooklyn Brawler 

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As we know, it was quite common back in the day for wrestlers to travel together so they could share expenses. One time, The Iron Sheik offered The Brooklyn Brawler a deal. If Brawler would pay for rental cars, Sheik would pay for hotels. Brawler saw it as a great opportunity to save money.

One time, when Sheik was paying the bill at a hotel, he told Brawler he had hurt his hand in a match and couldn't sign the bill charged to his credit card. He had Brawler sign it, but there was a problem. It turned out Sheik was using a fraudulent credit card at these hotels. Brawler was eventually called into WWE offices with complaints from hotels that he had skipped on bills with a bad card.

Sheik fessed up when Brawler confronted him about it saying it was meant to be a joke. Well, this joke cost the office, as they had to pay off the hotels to keep everyone out of trouble. Needless to say, Brawler never made a deal with Sheik again.

1 CM Punk And Vince Are Bunkmates?

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CM Punk and Vince McMahon are on really bad terms today, so it might surprise you to know that McMahon and Punk once had to share a room together. While on the WWE's annual tribute to the troops in Iraq, a young CM Punk was put in a room with Vince, JBL, Edge and The Undertaker.

Punk and McMahon were both on a top bunk right next to each other. The boys all chatted before deciding to go to sleep. However, Punk would soon feel the wrath of the chairman. While everyone was getting ready to sleep, McMahon began to drop some bad gas.

Punk couldn't believe he was bunking next to his boss, while hearing some loud gas and hearing Vince lay out his "yuck-yuck" chuckle after every one.

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